Why join JAT?

First and foremost, JAT is a place where translators and interpreters who work between Japanese and other languages can network with other professionals, promote themselves and their services to their colleagues, and work together with other professionals on a wide variety of interesting activities and projects. JAT membership is not limited to people who are already professionals. Anyone with an interest in translation as a career or who otherwise sees a benefit in networking with professionals is welcome to join JAT.

Connect to a community of fellow translators and interpreters

Although there are many translators who work in-house on either a full- or part-time basis, a great many JATters are freelancers, which can be an isolating experience, working alone at for clients in other cities, countries, or even on other continents. JAT helps provide freelancers with a sense of community through its on-line presence, which includes a Web-based forums as well as a mailing list. These JAT features are a great place to ask questions about translation-related issues as well as to learn about the many different activities that are organized by JAT members, including regular meetings in both Tokyo and Osaka as well as annual IJET conferences.

Promote yourself to your colleagues and to prospective clients

A listing in the public version of the JAT membership database is an excellent way to enable translation agencies and other companies or individuals to find and contact you directly. Our open database is searchable by language, specialization, and location and enables prospective clients to contact you without compromising your privacy. And since every member profile has a unique URL on the JAT Website, it’s easy to refer clients to your online resume.

Get discounts on JAT events like IJET and monthly meetings

Being a JAT member entitles you to discounts on IJET conferences as well as free admission to our regular meetings in Tokyo and elsewhere. In fact, members who attend these meetings regularly will find that the discounts offset almost the entire cost of membership fees.