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Translation Seminar in Fukuoka (Pre-IJET Event)


“Creating a Quality-control Checklist and Using Text to Speech to Check Your Work”
by Ben Tompkins

ABSTRACT: You pour your heart and soul into a translation and deliver it with a smile on your face. The next morning, you find an unhappy email from your client asking how you could possibly misspell the author's name and leave a decimal place off a measurement that appears in the fifth paragraph. Carelessness, whether the result of sleepiness or a spastic Twitter feed on your screen, can scare clients off.

But careless errors are easy to catch if you know how to properly review your translations. In the first half of this presentation I will tell you how to create a quality control checklist you can use to minimize careless errors in your work. Items on the checklist include terminology lists and blacklists, logic checks, and a place for you to confirm that you have followed all your client's instructions.

In the second half I will tell you how I use text to speech to have my computer read what I have translated as I reread the original to make sure I have not omitted, added, mistranslated, over-embellished, or misstated anything.

You will leave with a quality control checklist you can use to improve your work and with the ability to use text to speech to proofread 5000 to 7000 target words per hour.

BIO: Ben began translating professionally as an in-house translator and editor at a translation agency in Fukuoka, Japan in 1994. Now working as a Japanese-to-English translator from his home in that city, he specializes in pharmaceuticals, patents, and biomedicine. His work-related interests include productivity, neuroplasticity, and anticancer drugs. Ben has served as IJET-16 Organizing Committee Chair, board member and webmaster of the Mid-America Chapter of the American Translators Association, and Secretary-Treasurer of the Japanese Language Division of the American Translators Association.

Japanese-English Translation Workshop
Four stations (E-J x2 and J-E x2) will be set up in the conference room and a translation workshop is held at each station. In two hours, you will have the chance to experience all four workshops.
E-J Translation:
Katrin Kusunoki
Yoichiro Tachibana
J-E Translation:
Masahiro Ohkoshi
Paul Makino

Date: March 17, 2012
Time: 13:30 - 17:30
Address: 5-3-8 Nakasu, Hakata, Fukuoka

Cost: JAT members free, Non-members 1,000 yen
* Please bring writing utensils and a dictionary

A networking party will be held at Juttokuya Nakasu from 18:00.

Please send inquiries to: [email protected]


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