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Why should I join JAT?

Being a member of JAT allows you to: Connect to a community of fellow translators and interpreters. Especially for freelancers, being a translator can be a fairly isolating experience, as many of our members work alone from home, for clients on other continents. JAT helps to bring back a sense of community through jat-list, a mailing list where members can ask each other questions about translation-related topics, monthly meetings about translation topics held in the Tokyo area, annual IJET conferences, and other events around the world.

Promote yourself in our database of translators.

Translation agencies and other companies or individuals looking for translation services can search our open database by language, specialization, and location. And since every member gets their own address on the JAT web site (jat.org/translators/XXXXX), it’s easy to refer clients to your resume.

Get discounts on JAT events like IJET and monthly meetings.

Being a JAT member entitles you to discounts on IJET conferences, and free admission to our monthly meetings in Tokyo. For our more active members, these discounts offset most of the membership dues.

How do I become a JAT member?

First, you need to create an account by going to our Signup page. Once you’ve done this, and logged in as a guest, you can become a JAT member by clicking the “Become a member” button from your Settings page. When you’ve paid your dues, you can subscribe to the mailing list (Members only) and enjoy all the other benefits of membership.

How much does it cost to become a JAT member?

Please see JAT Membership Dues.

How can I pay my membership fee?

You can pay by either PayPal or Japanese bank transfer. More details are available at JAT Membership Dues.

Who will be able to see my profile?

That depends on your profile settings, as set on the Edit Profile page. Everyone can see only the information that each member has decided to make public. JAT members can choose to make public their profiles, or any or all of (1) their primary contact information, (2) secondary contact information, and (3) specialties and background. Note that even if contact information is made public, email addresses are replaced with a contact form. This allows members to receive inquiries from non-members, without fear of having their email address out in the open for spammers to harvest.

What is my Web address on the JAT site?

Your web address on the JAT site is jat.org/translators/XXXXX. Please find your profile page in our open database.

What should I do if I’ve forgotten my username/password?

On the Reset your JAT password page, enter the primary email address of your JAT member account. Within a minute, you should receive instructions on how to reset your password.

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Should I make my profile public?

Members are allowed to choose whether they want to make all or certain parts of their profile public. While some members choose to keep their information hidden for privacy reasons, others choose make it public, to let potential clients get in touch with them more easily. Since there are separate privacy settings for contact information and professional information (such as background and specialties), members can decide what to make public and what to make private. Members can change their privacy settings on the Edit Profile page.

How can potential clients contact me?

Every JAT member receives their own web address on the JAT site (jat.org/translators/XXXXX). All members can be contacted from the page at the address, through a contact form whose contents are sent to the primary email address of that member. Members wishing to be contacted by other means can make their contact information public.

Why are my posts to jat-list being rejected?

There may be several reasons that your posts to the JAT mailing list are being rejected.


  • Your JAT membership has expired.
  • You are posting from an unregistered email address.
  • Your email address has been suspended due to excessive bounces.
  • The IP address of your ISP's mail server has been blacklisted for some reason. In most cases, you need to ask your ISP to solve the issue and make their server whitelisted.
  • An issue with a mail server between your ISP and JAT. Please contact your ISP first and, if they can't solve, ask them to contact JAT Webmaster.
  • The email you sent was rejected as an email sent from a spoofed IP address. Please try to send directly from your email account (domain) registered to the list.


If the emails you send to the list are getting bounced, go to the Edit Profile page, and make sure that your membership is current, and that the email addresses under which you are currently subscribed are valid.

Solved? If not, please contact us.

How do I unsubscribe from a mailing list?

If you no longer wish to receive jat-list email, from the List Subscriptions page, select Unsubscribe and submit the request form. This may take up to 10 business days to process your request. If you are no longer a JAT member and can't log in the page, please contact JAT Webmaster.

What should I do if the Change Password page returns the error message below?

Error message: The password and password confirmation do not match

If you use a password autofill function (or a plugin etc.) with your browser, it may have put your old password in the New Password: field automatically. If so, please switch it off or simply leave the field blank, and then enter the new password in the field.

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