Dear JAT Members,

The JAT board is now accepting proposals for IJET-32, to be held in an English-speaking country in 2021. Organizing an IJET is a unique opportunity to impact our industry and the work of our colleagues; while it requires great effort and cooperation, it is also very rewarding. You would have the full support of the Board and past IJET organizers as you take on this important endeavor.  
Prospective Organizing Committees are asked to submit written proposals as follows:

November 5: Submit a simple statement of intent to submit a proposal, indicating tentative IJET city and initial (tentative) committee members currently known.

December 4: Submit a complete proposal containing a budget and all other information shown in section 1-2 of the IJET Manual, which can be found here:

All submissions should be sent to:
Nadine Edwards
IJET Liaison, JAT Board
Receipt of submitted items will be confirmed via a reply email message.
If you have any questions about the proposal process or timeline, please feel free to contact Nadine Edwards at

We look forward to hearing from you!

Nadine Edwards
on behalf of the JAT Board