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Welcome to JATPHARMA

Inspired by the example set by our late friend and colleague L. Douglas Havens, JATPHARMA is a special interest group of the Japan Association of Translators (JAT), composed of members with an interest in pharma translation between Japanese and English.

JATPHARMA aims to:

  • encourage the entry of new translators into the field of pharma translation;
  • promote fellowship among translators currently working in the field of pharma translation;
  • encourage the development and sharing of resources for use by translators working in the field of pharma translation; and
  • link purchasers of pharma translation with translators seeking new clients.

To achieve these aims, JATPHARMA hosts physical and online meetings featuring invited speakers or targeted and guided discussions (study groups and webinars), promotes or organizes dedicated pharma translation sessions at IJETs, PROJECTs, and other JAT gatherings, encourages online educational and mentoring activities, and continues the development of pharma-specific publications such as the JAT Pharma Translation Handbook. JATPHARMA meetings have included pre-IJET workshops in Hiroshima in 2012, Waikiki in 2013, and Tokyo in 2014, and seminars or workshops in Tokyo in August 2012 and February 2013, and Osaka in 2013 and 2014.

JATPHARMA maintains an email-based mailing list. This is an informal venue for professional development, not only as a place for asking and answering questions about pharma terms, but also for hosting discussions about any pharma-related translation topics, and for advertising upcoming JATPHARMA activities.

The JATPHARMA corner of the JAT website also hosts a blog dedicated to pharma translation (due to go live by mid-2015), a selection of videos of past presentations and seminars, and a Wiki.

Please feel free to contact the JATPHARMA steering committee to find out more.

Tony Atkinson
Chair, JATPHARMA Steering Committee