Professional Information



Source Language

English, Japanese

Target Language

English, Japanese


  • Business - Finance, Banking, Insurance, Economics, Real Estate, Accounting & Auditing, Market(ing) Research (Questionnaire, Survey)
  • IT - Computer Hardware, Software Localization
  • Legal - Contracts


  • Doing business as a limited liability company, which is composed of 1) fund consulting business – consulting for institutional investors investing in Japanese stock market and 2) language consulting business – translation and editing between English and Japanese
  • Japan Translation Federation-certified English > Japanese translator
  • Qualified Member of Institute of Translation and Interpreting (MITI)
  • Performed translation / interpretation at a Japanese Liberal Democratic Party politician’s office as a college student in 2005


  • Unlike many translators, my background is business - I can translate with solid understanding of the end client's business model and how the text would be used within the business context.
  • I only take projects from the domains where I possess unparalleled domain knowledge and industry jargon - I received nomination from the end client since the very first year of working as a freelance translator.
  • I possess strong business acumen - I proudly maintained sales in the six figures during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic because I successfully predicted the fields that would have strong demand and growth during the chaotic time.

Achieved six figures sales in the second year of starting my translation business.

  • In 2019, I translated 1,064,968 words and edited 2,034,254 words.
  • In 2018, I translated 1,334,558 words and edited 956,956 words.
  • In 2017, I translated 863,638 words and edited 672,936 words.


  • Japanese equity research analyst at a US investment bank, Tokyo
  • US equity derivatives research analyst at a US broker-dealer, New York
  • Research analyst at a venture capital firm, New York
  • Research analyst at a foreign policy think tank, Washington DC

BA in Economics (in Tokyo, Japan)
MS in Finance (in New York, USA)

I am a US permanent resident and am NOT a US Citizen, so please do not contact me for projects which require a US Citizenship.