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Most of my translation work focuses on media, technology, and society. I mainly translate the following:

Academic materials: papers, conference programs, website texts for universities, news articles

IT/tech materials: software manuals, FAQs, website texts, training and conference materials, news articles

Topics I'm proficient in: the tech industry, open source software, copyright, internet culture, history and sociology of technology, artificial intelligence, text analysis, machine learning, popular culture, internet culture, social media, the media industry, manga/anime, fan culture, academia, education, research communication, open access


I became a full-time freelance translator after gaining ten years of experience as a Japanese Studies research and communication expert. My Ph.D., a digital humanities project on the cultural economy of media in Japan, led me to specialize in academic and technical/IT translations. I combine a wealth of expert knowledge on media, technology, and society with great practical skills in research and communication.