Professional Information



Source Language

Chinese, English, Japanese

Target Language

English, Japanese


  • ​Finance: market reports (stocks, bonds, foreign exchange), fund reports, derivatives, financial statements, investor relations, insurance, settlement service
  • Marketing: sales promotion materials, white paper, brochure, copywriting
  • IT: digital transformation, IoT, telecommunications, cloud, security, printing, storage, artificial intelligence
  • 金融:市況レポート(株式、債券、為替)、運用報告書、デリバティブ、財務諸表、保険、決済サービス
  • マーケティング:販促資料、ホワイトペーパー、パンフレット、コピーライティング
  • IT:デジタルトランスフォーメーション、IoT、通信、クラウド、セキュリティ、印刷、ストレージ、人工知能


After earning my MBA with a high academic record, I held a finance position at a multinational company. Starting from 2011, I have been working as a full-time freelance translator.