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Automotive; printers; home-energy management systems

Translate patents for filing (PCT and for the entry of PCT national/regional phase)

Translate patent prosecution (inbound and outbound)

Interpret for firm's US and Japanese attorneys and visiting attorneys as needed

Proofread for Trademark and Design department as needed


I am a patent translator at an international patent law firm in Chiyoda, Tokyo.  Although I mainly translate patent specifications for PCT and Paris-route filings, I also translate Office Actions and patent prosecution correspondence.  Having been at this firm 5+ years, I am now handling the patent prosecution translation for many of the patent specifications I myself have translated.  Being able to contribute to our clients in growing their patent portfolio is a great source of pride and joy. Out of habit, I monitor, via the USPTO Public Pair database, the status of all the patents specifications I have translated to date, and I still get a little giddy each time a notice of allowance is issued.   Additionally, I happily assist the Trademark and Design department in a proofreading capacity and interpret for our U.S. patent attorney and Japanese patent attorneys as necessary.