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Patents: [J-E/E-J] Languages: J-E/E-J Patent documents in electricity, electronics, control engineering, engineering in general, machines and machine tools, automation, automatons, automobiles, aircraft, optoelectronics, semiconductors, computer, information technology (IT), telecommunications, electronic commerce, physics incl. physical engineering, quantum mechanics, nuclear physics, chemistry, petrochemical, polymers, biochemistry, electrochemistry, fuel cells, physical chemistry, metallurgy, pharmaceutics, medical electronics, metallurgy, nanotechnology, patent proceedings, license agreement, patent court cases incl. conflict and infringement cases; patent research translations are also available; over 30 years of experience including jobs in a manufacturer's patent dept. and a patent attorney's office. Equipment: PCs (Dell Studio XPS 9100, ASUS PC) with Windows 10, SDL Trados Studio 2017 Freelance, Office 365, Ichitaro 2016, Adobe Acrobat PRO DC, etc.Available databases: I-PlatPat, USPTO, PCT, esp@cenet, and other online databases and dictionaries. 技術分野:電気・電子、制御、工学一般、機械、マシンツール、オートメーション、オートマトン、自動車、航空機、オプトエレクトロニクス、半導体、コンピュータ、IT、通信、電子商取引、物理・物理工学、量子力学、核物理学、化学、生化学(バイオ)、電気化学、燃料電池、物理化学、冶金・金属工学薬剤、製薬、医療エレクトロニクス、石油化学、ポリマー、ナノテク、特許手続文書、特許調査文書, 特許訴訟関連文書, ライセンス契約書他の契約書;メーカー特許部門、特許事務所、フリーランスを通して35年の経験あり;設備: PC (Dell Studio XPS 9100, ASUS PC) with Windows 10、ブロードバンド環境、Office 365, 一太郎2016、SDL Trados Studio 2017 Freelance、アドビアクロバット XI PRO (Adobe Creative Cloud)


Once I had been studying at the Discipline of Industrial Chemistry, the Engineering Department of the University of Tokyo, Japan, but dropped out from the university almost 40 years ago. Worked for Asahi-Dow Limited, then producing Saran Wrap®, Polystyrene, and other petrochemical products, (in 1982, absorbed by Asahi Kasei Corporation, Tokyo) as an in-house translator, where I translated technical materials including Japanese patent specifications for providing technical information to the Patent Department, The Dow Chemical Company, Midland, Mich., U.S.A. My past J to E translations include: U.S. Patent No. 4,510,268, 4,510,268, to cite a few. From 1982 to 1988, I worked for a patent attorney’s office in Osaka as a full-time employee to draw up patent-related documents including specifications, arguments (remarks), amendments, oppositions, appeal briefs, and so forth. In connection with this period, I can’t get out of my mind one special case of Japanese Patent Application No. XXXX-ZZZZZZ of which specification was written by my predecessor in that office and was replete with many informalities to an extent far beyond our client’s generosity. The invention was directed to an engine-driven arc welding machine, but not applied for patent in U.S.A. The application was rejected based on informalities objections in the first Office Action from the JPO. When we amended the application to remove such informalities, a JPO Examiner in charge refused the amendment by virtue of new matters to be brought in by our amendment. Of course, we proceeded to an appeal for managing to override the Examiner’s refusal by arguing someway or other that the dismissal of the amendment is unsound. At the end of that appeal case, we successfully upset the Examiner’s refusal and our amendment was admitted. The application was finally allowed to be registered now as the Japanese Patent No. YYYYYY. After leaving the patent attorney’s office to resume my position as a freelance translator, I have continued to translate mainly U.S. Patent applications into Japanese for filing them with the JPO. Examples of my past E to J translations include: ¶ JPA2002-517053 (from PCT/US99/11345 by Sun Micro Systems, Incorporated), titled SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SECURITY OF CODE ¶ JPA2003-524909 (from PCT/US99/14918 by Sun Micro Systems, Incorporated), titled “Method and apparatus for providing multimedia network interface” ¶ JPA2002-529973 (from PCT/US99/25563 by Intel Corporation), titled PURCHASING UPGRADED MEDIA FEATURE FOR TRANSMISSION ¶ JPA2003-526956 (from PCT/US98/25177 by Intel Corporation), titled “Differential, mixed swing, tristate driver circuit for high performance and low power on-chip interconnects” ¶ JPA2002-500347 (from PCT/US98/25005 by Honeywell Incorporated), titled “CATHODE SEAL INCLUDING MIGRATION RESISTANT DIELECTRIC MATERIAL” ¶ JPA2002-511571 (from PCT/US99/08239 by Honeywell Incorporated), titled “POSITION DETECTION APPARATUS WITH CORRECTION FOR NON-LINEAR SENSOR REGIONS” In recent years, I am principally translating documents for intermediate proceedings for a patent attorney’s office in Tokyo as a freelance. List of examples of my past translations in the field of medicine or medical equipment: ¶ 特開 (JPA) 2001-212136 corresponding to US App. Serial 09/472,560 now patented as USP 6,421,552 by GE Medical Systems Global Technology Company LLC, titled “METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR ESTIMATING CARDIAC MOTION USING PROJECTION DATA”  ¶ 特開 (JPA) 2001-276017 corresponding to US App. Serial 09/540,820 now patented as USP 6,586,935 by GE Medical Technology Services, Inc., MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGE ARTIFACT CORRECTION USING NAVIGATOR ECHO INFORMATION ¶ 特開 (JPA) 2001-292979 corresponding to US App. Serial 09/541,354 now patented as USP 6,900,638 by GE Medical Technology Services, Inc., titled SWITCHING DEVICE TO LINEARLY CONDUCT A CURRENT BETWEEN A GRADIENT AMPLIFIER AND A GRADIENT COIL ASSEMBLY OF AN MRI SYSTEM 特開 (JPA) 2011-258228 corresponding to US App. Serial 09/585,226 now patented as USP 6,516,324 by GE Medical Technology Services, Inc., GE, titled WEB-BASED REPORT FUNCTIONALITY AND LAYOUT FOR DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING DECISION SUPPORT ¶ EP155942A1 based on JP2002322474 by KAO Corporation Research Labs., titled BLOOD FLUIDITY IMPROVING AGENT ¶ US20060142573 (WO2006070902) by Shiratori Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.; DAIICHI SUNTORY PHARMA CO., LTD. ¶ From October 2012 to February, I translated an biomedical article titled “A Passion for Peptides”: