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Contracts, commercial negotiations, intellectual property, investment trusts, bankruptcy, real estate, compliance, competition law, legal commentary, litigation/depositions, capital markets, cryptocurrency, public policy, manufacturing, electrical engineering, social commentary, advertising, fine art, history



I am an experienced Japanese to English translator with over 15 years of professional experience. While I chiefly focus
on commercial documentation, legal opinions, and documents relating to financial products and investment trusts, I also handle a significant volume of material for clients in the advertising, manufacturing and pharmaceutical sectors. Outside the corporate sphere, I work with a diverse range of material
including social commentary, media articles, blog posts and the fine arts.


I am an experienced deposition interpreter and have served
as lead interpreter on several depositions taken at US diplomatic posts. I have also interpreted in the Tokyo District Court in connection with civil litigation and civil rehabilitation proceedings and have significant experience at interpreting investigation proceedings (US Federal Trade Commission,
National Tax Authority) and policy discussions (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, other agencies). I also have extensive experience with commercial negotiations (M&A), IR presentations, and general corporate material. I offer interpreting services in both direction and all modes (consecutive, whispering and simultaneous). I hold a Master of Arts in Japanese Interpreting and Translation and am a graduate of Simul Academy.


Japanese Language Proficiency Test (Level 1) 1998

NAATI Professional Translator Accreditation (Japanese to
English) 1999

MAJIT (University of Queensland) 2000

Test of Business Interpreting Skills 2005

Japan Kanji Aptitude Test (Level 2) 2009