Professional Information


Translator Interpreter

Source Language

English, Japanese

Target Language

English, Japanese


Current events (international political, economic, & military affairs), general science/technology, Internet/computers, government and corporate websites, music (Western classical music, rock music, traditional & contemporary Okinawan music, user manuals for digital music recording software & other music-related software, etc.)


Majored in mathematics, computer science, with minor in music and Japanese literature at UCLA; translated local Japanese news into English for English-language newspaper catering to US military subscribers in Okinawa 1971-1973; been translating Japanese publications (newspapers, periodicals, etc.) and television news reports on current events (political, economic, S&T, etc.) into English for US government-affiliated organization for past 25 years; currently translating various documents (including research reports and other academic papers on matters related to economics, environment, agriculture, social infrastructure, etc.) commissioned by JICA and other Japanese government-affiliated agencies for several Tokyo-based translation companies; hobbies include astronomy, computers, and music.