Professional Information


Translator Interpreter

Source Language

Dutch, English, French, German, Other

Target Language

Dutch, English, Japanese


As there are few Dutch-Japanese translators/interpreters, I take on all specialties out of necessity. However, translation is not my major business anymore (I teach at university), therefore, I will not accept new jobs unless there is a compelling reason for doing so.


Summary: After getting a BA + Teaching certificate of English in Japan, I studied in the US ('82-'83), then I flew to Europe. I lived in Belgium for 6 years where I learned more languages. Moving to Tokyo with my family, I became a nearly full-time professional homemaker for 15 years. I used to learn and teach baking & cooking at home. Once my children were grown up, I moved into the world of business and I obtained MSEd (TESOL & Applied Linguistics) + Teaching certificate of Japanese (as a Foreign Language) at Temple University Japan Campus. I have been teaching English at a Japanese university in Tokyo as well.
 -教員免許 中・高 英語 -教育学修士(英語教授法および応用言語学)+日本語教授法 - 現 大学教員(英語) -現在は、おもに日本で活動しています(渡欧時もメール・携帯電話での連絡は通常通りです) Specialties: Interpreter/Instructor Dutch-English-Japanese & Translator of Japanese/English/Dutch/German/French/Afrikaans (last 3 only as 'source language') -通訳/オランダ語<=>英語<=>日本語 -翻訳/蘭<=>日 蘭<=>英 独仏アフリカーンス=>日 (蘭語は納品時にネイティブのチェックを付けます) Career: +Interpreter (consecutive) of Japanese, (Flemish) Dutch and English for major TV channels in Tokyo, press conferences, concerts, negotiations, sightseeing, seminars, international trade shows, etc. Interpreted for the Belgian Crown Prince, the Belgian Minister of Economic Affairs, and the Director of Diamond High Council at the press conference of DHC in Tokyo. +Translator of Jpn, Eng, Dutch, German, French & Afrikaans. Translated for Prime time programs by NHK & other major TV stations in Tokyo such as "PREMIUM 8: The Proposal for the Future" & "UNESCO World Heritage." (Eng & Dut =>Jpn) 08-09. Translated (J=>E) 'Eigo de Tsukuru Honkaku Kare (Recipes of Authentic Curries)' Aug.08.ISBN978-4-8163-4558-6 by Natsume-sha. 'Dutch Nuclear Energy Law' (D=>J) Mar.08 ‘The Final Report on Nuclear Waste Disposal from the Community of Mol, Belgium’ (D=>J) Presentation (Intern'l Police) for intern'l congress (DEGF=>J) ‘The World of Bunraku -Ningyo Joruri’ (J=>E): Interpreter, translator and moderator of a lecture on Bunraku by National Noh Theater, Japan. ‘Beleidsnota 2000-05, Ministerie van Volksgezondheid’ and ‘Meerjaren Ontwikkelingsplan 2001 t/m 2005’ (D=>J): White Paper of National Health Policy and Strategies (D&E=>J) by the Surinamese Government Summarization (D=>J) of ‘Daalder’ by Schogt,Dutch novelist.ISBN9029537655 ‘Warmtebeeldmaskerende Kleding’ & ‘De soldaat zal in de toekomst een lopend wapensysteem zijn’ (D=>J): Scientific articles on the human body system and the thermography in thermodynamics +University Lecturer/Instructor at - Temple University Japan Campus (Translation skills & English) - Nishogakusha University (English) Education: present:  Graduated from: +Temple University Japan Campus, Graduate College of Education, MS, Education: TESOL & Applied Linguistics, Teaching Japanese +Technische Handelsleergangen van de Landelijke Bediendecentrale in Turnhout, Belgium: French +Stedelijke Technische Leergangen Voor Beambten in Antwerpen, Belgium: Dutch Completed a year non-degree program at: +Southern Connecticut State University, Graduate School: English, TESL/TEFL (One of the two Rotary Scholars of the Rotary Scholarship selected for Graduate School education in the USA from Hyogo Prefecture District (Japan) in 1982 supported by the Rotary Foundation & Kobe Rotary Club) Completed a non-degree program at: +Georgia Southern University, English (sponsored by the Rotary International & Kobe Rotary Club, representing Hyogo Pref.) Graduated from: +Doshisha Women's College of Liberal Arts (Kyoto) BA, English: TESOL & Applied Linguistics +Palmore Institue (Kobe, Evening Course): certificate, English