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▌I have spent 36 years in Japan, more than 30 of which as a professional Japanese to English translator, catering primarily to the documentation needs of industry. I have translated the full breadth of technical documentation in fields of industry including:

• Automotive – gasoline, electric and hybrid • FA (Factory Automation or industrial automation) • OA (Office Automation) • IT (Information Technology) • Laboratory analysis/measurement/testing equipment and systems (for electronics, environment and machinery) • Medical systems and equipment • Machine tools, NC and robotics • Metering and industrial pumps • Semiconductors/ICs • Semiconductor manufacturing equipment • Electronics • Telecommunications • Graphic arts • Image processing • Prepress and printing

Specialties: • Technical translation/writing in specific fields of industry
• Reorganization and précis summarization of technical materials and information for creating specific-purpose documents
• Technical writing and translation of hardware/software and related technical documentation for video games developer and manufacturer 
• Evaluation and "bench-testing" of user/instruction manuals (hardware/software)
• Translation of business communications media – IR, company profiles, press releases. etc.
• Translation of tourist guide books
• Translation of articles about Japan and its culture

Detailed Capabilities Brochure available upon request


*B.A. (Hons), Japanese* School of Oriental and African Studies, U. of London

▌Since I started ASTERIX, INC, I have chosen deliberately to focus on specific fields of industry so that I can maximize my skills and expertise for the benefit of customers who demand only the very best in quality. As a result of my commitment to quality translation, I have frequently been chosen to be in charge of long-run, large-volume Japanese > English technical translation projects that require thorough consistency across multiple documents that are often written by two or more authors.

The level of my fluency in Japanese – near-native – allows me to discuss often conflicting and confusing source documents with original authors or engineers in depth and in detail.

▌I have translated a broad spectrum of technical documentation – for both hardware and software – from the product development stage through to user's manuals intended for end users throughout the world. Please check below for examples of projects, I feel as being most worthy of mention, that I have been commissioned to translate and that best show the breadth and depth of my translation skill set.