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Architecture, Planning, Construction - Presentation Materials, Schematic Design Drawings to Contract Documents Business - General, Letters, Marketing, PR Litigation - Translation, Doc Review Technical - General, User Manual, Localization Video - Subtitles, Scripts Art, Design, Culture - Articles, Scripts for Museums and Other Attractions Alternative Medicine - TCM, Aromatherapy, Essential Oils Websites - Localization and Contents Writing Manga - Many titles for Tokyopop, Marvel, Seven Seas, including Sgt. Frog (ケロロ軍曹) and Spiderman J


Licensed Architect since 1991, with work experience in Japan and in US for design firms, such as EHDD Architecture. Professional translator since 1998 with in-house translator experience at a major law firm and language consultant and interpreter for Toyo Ito's Berkeley Art Museum project. Notable clients include: IDEO, Marvel Entertainment, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, NHK Enterprises USA, Consulate General of Japan, HOK Architects, SOM Architects, The Gap, Yusen Air and Sea Service, Inc., Sony Play Station, Antenna Audio (Discovery Communications), Sado Tourism Association, KEK High Energy Accelerator Research Organization, Lintec Corporation. BA, Washington University in St. Louis MArch, Washington University in St. Louis