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Translation from Japanese into English of: 

  • scientific abstracts and papers;
  • patent applications and publications;
  • JPO and WIPO (PCT) patent prosecution documents (after application to registration).
Search and retrieval of Japanese technical documentation, technical reports and patents. 


  • Image processing (image and pattern recognition algorithms)
  • Networking and network application sharing
  • Optics (optical waveguides, MLAs, SPR and bio-medical sensors)
  • Liquid crystal display devices
  • Mobile and wireless communication devices
  • Digital communications – signal processing
  • WAN/PAN network devices
  • Semiconductor devices


I translate patent applications and publications related to image recognition and pattern recognition algorithms, networking, network application sharing, bio-medical sensing and optical waveguide technologies. I have been translating professionally since 2010, using my training in Computer Science and my work experience in patent prosecution in the United States, Europe (EPC countries), Japan, China and with WIPO (PCT). I am also a member of the American Translators Association and served as the Administrator for the Japanese Language Division from 2015 to 2017.