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Patents, Contracts, Court Decisions, Chemistry, Biotechnology, Medicine, Pharmaceuticals, Food, Detergents, Cosmetics, Software, Semiconductors, Domestic appliances, Fuel cells, Automotive, Renewable energy generation, Shipbuilding. See my profile at


Okayama Univ. MSc Biotechnology 1980. Osaka Gaidai, Diploma In Japanese 1977. Trinity College Dublin, B. Sc. Genetics 1976. Lived a total of 17 years in Japan over the period between 1977 and 2007, have worked in patents for 30 years and Japanese translation for 30 years. Author of "Derwent Guide to Reading Japanese Patents" (1st Edition 1992, 2nd Ed. 1995) Former Irish patent examiner. Chaired the American Chamber of Commerce IP Committee in Tokyo for 5 years. Living in Spain since 2007 and enjoying it.