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Translator Interpreter


I am a 20-year experience, Japanese-English simultaneous interpreter and translator with engineering and science backgrounds, specializing in IT subjects (recent clients: Palantir (digital transformation), Cisco (LAN), Hitachi, Sompo Japan (insurance IT), Nokia (network function virtualization)).  I offer:

1. Simultaneous interpreting in which both parties' engineers feel as if the R&D-level meeting is taking place in one language (A-D, below).  

2. Production of translated technical documents that are superior to the original and/or localized to the Japanese market (into-English and into-Japanese) (A, E, F, below). 

3. IT technical support. Although this is not my main specialty, I performed this role successfully at Cisco and Capgemini. 

Key actions for above:

A. Study the technical subjects (all three in above).

B. Maintain eye contact with the speaker/listener. 

C. Ask questions if anything is unclear (interpreting).

D. Point to the correct area of the diagrams and figures during the interpreting.

E. Understand the content and intent of the original document first.

F. When necessary, initiate discussions with engineers (translation). Typical dialogs:

 "This reads like A, but it must be referring to B; should I change A to B?"; “Indeed, very misleading.”

 “A few things are missing here; can I add them and rewrite this paragraph?”; “Yes, it is poorly written.”

 “Following this idea, there should be a third case, but it is not discussed.”; “Very likely, but this is beyond my knowledge.”

 “There is a logical conflict here; do you agree?”; “In fact, it is wrong; delete it.”

 “JP customers' interests lie elsewhere, and I like to propose ….”; “You identified the problem.”

Key facts:

- Working experiences as an electronic engineer and a geochemist.

- B.Engineering degree (Japan) and M.Science degree (USA and Canada). 

- Technical understanding of diverse electronic/mechanical equipment.

- Familiarity with Trados (a translation software).

- Learned English at an early stage of life in the UK.

As a person, I run in the mountains regularly, pursue artistic creations (, and am most highly "original thinking."


• Sept., 2019 – Mar., 2021 Palantir Technologies (Tokyo), Customer Experience Dept. (full time) 

 Into-Japanese translation of the UI of a big data system, technical and sales materials (for Sompo Japan and other companies), and company website: 1. verification of the correctness of the original English content (logical and technical correctness, consistency with the rest of the document, localization) by in-depth execution of Action F (a great number of critical changes were reflected on the translated Japanese documents). 2. handling of the subtle technical nuances in the Japanese language (e.g., how to say A without implications to B). Comments received: "No one can scrutinize these documents as deeply as you did." 

 Simultaneous interpreting (including typing simultaneous interpreting) at Sompo Japan. Comments received: "Through your simultaneous typing interpreting, I comfortably followed what the Japanese customers were saying."

• Jun., 2019 - Aug., 2019 Axa Life Insurance (Tokyo), Technology Services Dept. (full time) Into-English translation of the manual for a ServiceNow-based system. Prior to the translation, I used the actual system to verify whether the system behaved in the manner described in the instructions as well as whether the instructions were written correctly. By extensively executing Action F (above) with the engineers, I modified about 1/3 of the entire manual before translating it into English (many hours of discussions with 2-3 engineers went into this). Comments received: "Thanks to your inputs, many changes were made to the manual and the system." 

• Sept., 2018 - Mar., 2019 Cisco (Tokyo), Customer Experience Dept. (full time) 

Technical Q&A coordination (as an assistant support engineer) between a major telecom company (Japanese-speaking) and Cisco (English-speaking) related to switch, router, WLAN, LAN, VLAN, QoS, and traffic control. My primary role was to check the technical validity of the answers from Cisco's English-speaking engineers by literature research and execution of Actions A and F (above, towards the top). I frequently presented arguments such as, "based on this literature, A does not fully take B into account; therefore, we need to change the answer". I modified many of the answers, but also made a substantial number of original answers that mostly satisfied the customer. Overseeing the project in terms of timely delivery of the answers was another duty I was responsible for. Also, I assumed a similar technical coordination role with another customer using a network monitoring system.

• Mar.-Jun., 2018 Veoneer (Autoliv) (Tokyo), Autonomous Driving IT Dept. (full time) Successfully performed translation and interpreting related to autonomous driving IT.

• Aug. – Dec., 2017 Hitachi (main body) (JV with Sompo Japan and Virtusa) (Tokyo), Finance IT Dept. (full time) . 

 Simultaneous interpreting (Panaguide) related to the construction of an underwriting management system and related insurance business flows. There were seven other interpreters, but I was always assigned to more difficult tasks such as board meetings. Comments received: "Technically very accurate, seems you know the subject."; "So clear."

 Proofreading of translated technical documents (from Japanese to English) done by 20 translators (I was the only person assigned to this high-responsibility task). I made a vast number of changes to produce documents that made "logical sense". Comments received: "Only after your corrections, these documents started to make complete sense."; "The original Japanese documents were unclear in part, but you made those areas clear in the English version."

• Nov., 2016 – May, 2017 Canadian Solar (Tokyo), Construction Management Dept. (full time) 

Interpreting related to construction of solar power generation facilities (Hitachi, Sharp, etc.) and finance (Mitsui-Sumitomo Bank and Daiwa Securities). Translation of legal documents related to above. 

• Mar.–Oct., 2016 Free-lance English-Japanese simultaneous interpreting (Tokyo)

Ericsson, KDDI, Softbank, Ymobile, etc.

• Nov., 2014 - Feb., 2016 Nokia (Tokyo), Technical Sales Dept. (full time) 

 Simultaneous interpreting (panaguide). Heated technical discussions on network function virtualization (NFV), network telecommunications, 5G platform, and RAID. Board meetings, sales presentations, technical meetings. Preparation of meeting minutes. NTT R&D (over 10 times), NTTdocomo (over 20 times), NTT East (over 30 times), Fujitsu (over 8 times), and KDDI. Studied the subject voraciously, and technically understood 60-80% of the content I interpreted. Comments received: "It was as if we were all speaking in one language"; "I feel that you know the subject very well, perhaps more than we do."

 Into-English and into-Japanese related to above. Technically understood 50-80% of the subject. Exercised Action F (above, towards the top) to a great extent. Comments received: "The fact that you understand the technical details is well reflected in the translation."

• Oct., 2013 – Oct., 2014 Capgemini (Tokyo), IT systems development Dept. 

At Boehringer Ingelheim: 

 Simultaneous interpreting and translation related to database synchronization and a network telecommunication system. Comments received: "Your interpreting was technically accurate."  

Sales Force related technical support (receiving both calls and emails from customers). I discussed the solutions to the problem with the English-speaking engineers in India. However, in half of the cases, I sought the solutions independently. Subsequently, I delivered back the solutions to the Japanese customer. My responsibilities also included support ticket management. I received good feedbacks from the customers.


-Ph.D. candidate, University of Toronto. /2000 - 2002(withdrawn).

-MS in Geosciences, Queen's University. / 1997. 

-MS in Geosciences, The Pennsylvania State University. /1995. 

-B. ENG. in Electronics, Nihon University (Tokyo). /1985.


-University of Toronto scholarship. 2000-2002

-Award by MMSA (Mining and Metallurgical Society of America). /1995.

-Reinhardt Full Scholarship, Queen's University /1995-96.

-The Pennsylvania State University, Teaching Assistant /1989-91.

-The Rotary International Foundation Graduate Full Scholarship /1988.

COMPUTER SKILLS: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Photoshop, Outlook, Maya, Zoom, Google suite, Webex,Teams, Slack, IBM mainframe, Unix machines, VAX/PDP, and SAS (statistical analysis).


• Semiconductor fabrication and related electrical measurements and chemical analysis.

• Trace element analysis and morphological studies in zircons using LA-ICP-MS, TOF-SIMS, CL, and BSE; with applications to nuclear waste disposal (Ph.D. project).

• Experience (including operation in most cases) with: SEM, XRF, AA, XPS, IRS, INA. 

• Chemical vapor deposition of amorphous semiconductors.

• Geochemical exploration for lateritic gold deposits in the Amazon Basin.

• Design and execution of chemical analysis and data interpretation. 

Interpretation of lithology using reflected/transmitted light microscopy.