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Legal, Corporate & Real Estate

* Legal & Financial (commercial contracts and merger agreements, corporate resolutions, securities filings, certificates, transactional due diligence, litigation document review, affidavits, etc.) 

* Real Estate (purchase agreements, leases, and disclosure documents)

* Management & Corporate (board meeting minutes, internal communications, media relations kits, press releases, business plans, presentations, commercial invoices, purchase orders, official records, internal policies, etc.) 

* Website (terms and conditions, privacy policies, marketing copy, etc.)

* Academic (law, academic papers, dissertations, theses, humanities, social sciences, ethics, philosophy, social theory, sociology, anthropology, etc.) 

 * Travel & Tourism (travel articles, travel guides, reviews, pamphlets, brochures, websites, etc.) 

* Identity Documents (birth and death certificates, family registers, marriage certificates, drivers' licenses, alien registration cards, etc.)


* U.S. qualified attorney with over a decade of experience in legal practice and translation

* Native English, JLPT Level 1 (日本語能力試験1級)

* Japanese Real Estate Transaction Specialist (宅地建物取引士)

* Harvard Law School, J.D.

* Harvard College, A.B.

I have produced translations for a diverse array of international clients, from law firms and global corporations to university researchers and individuals, and I have established relationships with translation agencies on three continents.  

As a lawyer practicing in the Tokyo office of a top international law firm, I specialized in corporate mergers & acquisitions and securities transactions. I spent years drafting, reviewing, and translating English and Japanese contracts, press releases, securities filings, and other legal documents. 

In addition to my legal expertise, I have an academic background in both the humanities and the social sciences. My undergraduate degree is in Social Studies, a discipline that demands both the close analysis of difficult theoretical texts and the clear and thorough presentation of complex arguments in writing. 

My Japanese partner is an experienced magazine publishing professional, and we work on all of our translation projects as a team. This arrangement ensures that each of our translations, whether from Japanese to English or vice versa, is written and edited by a native speaker of the target language, eliminating the need for costly proofreading services. We produce polished and idiomatic documents in only a fraction of the time that a single individual would normally take.