Professional Information


Translator Interpreter

Source Language

Chinese, Japanese, Korean

Target Language



Localization, Project Management, and Entertainment Translation for Indie Games, Anime/Manga, Vtuber content.


ボスキャット。ティオン•ブルートン ビジネス開発者, 翻訳者とソーシャルメディアマネージャー サークル/フライハイワークス&ビータスクリエイション BOSSCAT. Tion Bruton International Business Developer, Translator, and Social Media Manager CIRCLE/FLYHIGH WORKS & BEATUS CREATION Expertise: localization/reverse localization, entertainment translation, and project management for dōjinshi/tóngrénzhì/donginji manga/manhua/manhwa, indie games, indie anime/donghua/aeni, VTuber content, and music. Background: Born and raised in South Central, Los Angeles. I have attended various universities and earned degrees/certificates and licenses related to East Asian Studies, Liberal Arts, Translation, International Business/B2B, Entertainment Law, Project Management, and Indie Game Design and Development. Due to my professional work ethic, hard work, ambition, and track record of finding and localizing indie game gems over the years, I have been given the title "Pioneer" by my excellent CEOs of indie game publishers/developers CIRCLE/FLYHIGH WORKS. I am the first Black woman to have 10+ years of professional work experience in the local LA and East Asian CJK (Chinese/Japanese/Korean) and Taiwanese indie game scenes, localization, and entertainment industries. I take pride in being a cultural bridge between the Far East and West and helping bring high-quality entertainment to the world! I have worked on 100+ games, including upcoming TBA titles, FURI, MERCENARIES SERIES BUNDLE, MERCENARIES REBIRTH, LEGEND OF DARK WITCH series, FAIRUNE COLLECTION, THE FRIENDS OF RINGO ISHIKAWA, ARREST OF A STONE BUDDHA, FADING AFTERNOON, TRANSIRUBY, SUPER METBOY !, CYTUS α, DEEMO, VOEZ, GURUMIN 3D: A MONSTROUS ADVENTURE, INCREDIBLE MANDY, ALCHEMIC CUTIE, MONONOKE SLASHDOWN, PHOENOTOPIA: AWAKENING, CRYSTAL STORY: DAWN OF DUSK, and many more.