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- J-E translator with over 25 years of experience (electronics, machinery, automobile, quality control, environment, etc.) - Lecturer at translation schools in Tokyo - Coaching for engineers and researchers making presentations at international conferences  (including the translation of papers/speeches) ***Published original work (in Japanese) - Naruhodo Eigo Writing(『英語「なるほど!」ライティング』)with Deborah Iwabuchi, Kodansha International, 2007 - Google Eibun Writing (『Google英文ライティング』), Kodansha International, 2009 - eReading (『eリーディング英語学習法』) with Deborah Iwabuchi, Kodansha International, 2011, Ultimate English Writing (『究極の英語ライティング』), Kenkyusha, 2018  ***Published translations (Japanese to English) - Love From the Depths by Tomihiro Hoshino, with Deborah Iwabuchi, Rippu Shobo 1994, Rudolf and Ippai Attena(『ルドルフとイッパイアッテナ』英語版) by Saito Hiroshi, with Deborah Iwabuchi, Kodansha 2017, PIlgrimages in the Secular Age: From El Camino to Anime (『聖地巡礼』英語版), by Okamoto Ryosuke,  Japan Publishing Industry Foundation for Culture, 2019