Medical, life sciences


I provide you and your clients with clear, attractive English which is accurate, easy to use, and creates a positive impression of the company. In my freelance translation business and 25 years of in-house experience at a leading Japanese medical device manufacturer, I have translated and edited nearly every type of English language document.


PROFILE プロファイル

  • Translated over 1,000,000 characters and 200 projects
  • Skilled translator and technical writer
  • Global professional with over 20 years experience working in Japan
  • Extensive industry knowledge includes regulatory affairs, clinical trials, medical/electronic equipment, and manufacturing
  • Effective at building and maintaining client relationships
  • Lifelong learner


Document Types ドキュメント種類

  • Freelance translator フリーランス翻訳者として
    Journal articles, hospital reports, adverse event reports, president’s remarks, press releases, clinical trial reports, public health bulletins, local tourism proposals, cooking articles, contracts (rental, distributorship, financial, employment), environmental presentations and articles, instructions for a popular online role playing game, beer marketing plan
  • In-house editor/translator 社内編集者・翻訳者として
    Medical device: journal articles (translation and substantive editing), specifications, production process documents, IEC-60601 conformity, regulatory inquiries, MSDS, QC, user and service manuals, support and FAQ, training material for products and AED/CPR, user interface for software and medical devices, product brochures, post-marketing surveys
    Business: websites, product and PR videos (narration, subtitles), annual reports, environmental reports, corporate PR, press releases, newsletters, speeches, presentations, marketing plans and user questionnaires, tender specifications, agreements, meeting minutes, correspondence
    医療機器: 医学雑誌の記事(翻訳・実質的な編集)、仕様、IEC-60601準拠、規制関連、製品安全データシート(MSDS)、品質管理、製造プロセス文書、ユーザーとサービスのマニュアル、サポート、FAQ、AED・CPRや製品のトレーニング教材、ソフト・医療デバイスのユーザーインターフェース、製品パンフレット、カタログ、市販後調査
    営業・事業: ウェブサイト、プロダクトとPRビデオ(ナレーション、サブタイトル)、年次報告書、環境報告書、企業PR、プレスリリース、ニュースレター、スピーチ、プレゼン、マーケティング計画・アンケート、入札仕様、契約、議事録、コレポン、その他

Products 製品類

  • Medical 医療機器
    Pharmaceuticals; patient monitors; BIS, pressure and other sensors; electrocardiographs; AED and defibrillators; hemodynamic monitors; cath lab equipment; electroencephalographs and EMG/EP equipment; hematology analyzers, reagents and DNA analysis kits; otolaryngology treatment units and surgical tools; catheters; medical device testing equipment
    医薬 • 患者モニタ • BIS、血圧、他のセンサ • 心電計 • AEDと除細動器 • 血行動態モニタ • 心臓カテーテル検査機器 • 脳波計、誘発電位、筋電図 • 血液分析装置、試薬、DNA分析キット • 耳鼻科用治療ユニット、手術ツール • カテーテル • 医療機器の検査機器
  • Other その他
    Gas chromatography equipment, audio testing equipment, wind tunnel prototype systems, electronics, automotive, skin care products


Japanese Translator 翻訳者
Freelance (2017 – Present)

  • Manage global client portfolio and deliver translation projects meeting stringent time constraints

Editor, Translator, Technical Writer 編集者・翻訳者・テクニカルライター
Nihon Kohden, Tokyo (1991 – 2016)

  • Edited and translated user manuals for company’s complete line of medical devices
  • Contributed to the content of international marketing materials
  • Assisted in preparation of senior level executive speeches and presentations
  • Responsible for proofreading English language documentation related to regulatory affairs, QA and factory inspections, and all matters related to R&D, production, marketing, and international sales of medical equipment

English Teacher 英語教師
Interac, Yokohama (1990 – 1991)

  • Developed curriculum and taught English in corporate settings
  • Evaluated student proficiency

Technical Writer テクニカルライター
Honeywell Bull Worldwide Information Systems, Billerica, Massachusetts (1987 – 1988)

  • Organized, wrote and edited procedures and manuals for computer equipment
  • Analyzed documents to maintain continuity of style
  • Managed revisions to manuals based on product and specification changes

Toastmasters International トーストマスターズ・インタナショナル
Tokyo, Kawasaki, Chiang Mai (2013 – Present)

  • Competent Communicator Award
  • Vice President of Membership in Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Award winner in humorous speech contest
  • Mentor to new members


  • University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Massachusetts
    B.A. in English Literature
  • Associated Technical Institute, Woburn, Massachusetts
    Certificate in Computer and Electronics Technology
  • University of Lowell, Lowell, Massachusetts
    Engineering, liberal arts


  • Japanese Language Proficiency Test N2 (certificate, 1996)
  • Murasaki Japanese Institute, Tokyo (advanced Japanese)
  • KAI Japanese Language School, Tokyo (certificate, 2-year full course, 1996)
  • We Learn Thai School, Chiang Mai, Thailand (basic Thai language)
    We Learn Thai学校、チェンマイ、タイ(タイ語:初級)


Medical 医療関係

  • Clinical Trials and Medical Documentation
    (Proz, 30 ATA CEU)
  • Medical Devices Translation Life Cycle I: Pre-Market and Regulatory Requirements
    (Proz, 1 ATA CEU)
  • Medical Devices Translation Life Cycle II: To-Market and Post-Market Regulatory Requirements
    (Proz, 1 ATA CEU)
  • Writing in the Sciences
    (Stanford / Coursera)
  • Understanding Clinical Research: Behind the Statistics
    (University of Cape Town / Coursera)
  • Design and Interpretation of Clinical Trials
    (Johns Hopkins University / Coursera)
  • Drug Development
    (University of California San Diego / Coursera)
  • Clinical Terminology for International and U.S. Students
    (University of Pittsburg / Coursera)
  • Vital Signs: Understanding What the Body Is Telling Us
    (University of Pennsylvania / Coursera)
Legal/Financial 法律・財政

  • Corporate & Commercial Law I: Contracts and Employment Law
    (University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign / Coursera)
  • Corporate & Commercial Law II: Business Forms, Financing & Government Regulation
    (University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign / Coursera)
  • Finance for Non-Finance Professionals
    (Rice University / Coursera)

Translation Skills 翻訳

  • memoQ 8 Level One Certified
  • SDL Post Editing
    (SDL Trados certification)
  • Trados Studio Productivity
    (Rx Translations, 1 ATA CEU)
  • memoQ Productivity
    (Rx Translations, 1 ATA CEU)
  • PDF OCR with ABBYY FineReader
    (Rx Translations, 1 ATA CEU)
  • Dragon Dictation for Next Level Productivity
    (Rx Translations, 1 ATA CEU)
  • Business Planning
    (Rx Translations, 1 ATA CEU)
  • Glossary Building
    (Rx Translations)
  • Prioritization and Organization
    (Rx Translations)
  • Managing Workflow
    (Rx Translations)
  • Other translator skills and best practices
    (Rx Translations)

Writing, SEO, Marketing, Design ライティング、SEO、マーケティング、デザイン

  • Writing in the Sciences
    (Stanford / Coursera)
  • Songwriting
    (Berklee College of Music / Coursera)
  • Microcopy and UX Writing Mini Course
    (UX Writing Hub)
  • SEO Training Course
  • Visual Storytelling: Creating More Persuasive Presentations
  • Graphic Design Basics: Core Principles for Visual Design
    (Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum)
  • Typography That Works: Typographic Composition and Fonts
    (Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum)
  • Demystifying Beauty: Inspiration for Design
    (Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum)
  • Demystifying Graphic Design: How Posters Work
    (Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum)
  • Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain®
    (DRSB, 5-day course)


  • Writing, health and fitness (exercise, kettlebell training, Olympic lifting, American football, ice hockey, diet and supplements), Japanese food, Thai food, sustainable living, world history and culture, science and technology, comedy, science fiction, art and graphic design, music (pop, rock, playing guitar and bass, songwriting)