日本翻訳者協会(JAT)のトップページ右上に、「翻訳者を探す」というタブがあるのをご存知ですか? クリックして辿り着いたページがJATディレクトリです。私は2005年にJATの会員になり、ウェブコンテンツを更新する委員会に所属していたこともあります。当時やその後に見聞きした利用法...


From the Archives: Translation as Spiritual Practice

Translation as Spiritual Practice 

Richard Sadowsky / サドゥスキー リチャード 

I left the U.S. at the age of 20 sparked by an interest in Zen, not knowing I would spend the rest of my life in Japan. Earning a living as a freelance translator is something I feel fortunate to have...


IJET-30 JATPATENTセッション報告:「オーストラリアのIP事情-商標を中心として」



アーカイブより : The Light at the End of the Tunnel: Do You See It Yet?

The Light at the End of the Tunnel: Do You See It Yet?

Larry Brouhard

At our annual Christmas Party last year I received a card with the following message:

This may be the last time I attend your Christmas Party as the president of my own translation company. Of course, it...


アーカイブより: The Challenges of Translating a Best-selling Nonfiction Work

In memory of Geraldine Harcourt, who passed away in New Zealand last month, we republish an interview with Geraldine from JAT Bulletin 182 of May 2000.

The Challenges of Translating a Best-selling Nonfiction Work
by Geraldine Harcourt

This month Geraldine Harcourt (winner of...


Book Review.  International Medical Writing: English for a Global Audience

They say that good things come in small packages, and this 76-page book is an excellent illustration of that saying. Veteran Japanese-English translator and medical writer/educator Lee Seaman has teamed up with internationally renowned medical writer and communications...


TAC Meeting Report: Tax Returns Made Easy and Tax Saving Strategies

The May 18, 2019 Tokyo Activities Committee meeting held in Shibuya saw Steven Mayeda and Naotaka Midori of Tokyo Zeikei Tax Services give a comprehensive rundown of the basics of filing tax returns in Japan and outline a number of tax-saving strategies.

The two-part...


Conference Report: Japan SciCom Forum 2019

I recently attended the Japan SciCom Forum 2019, held at the Earth-Life Science Institute in the Ishikawadai area of the Ookayama campus of the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Aimed at public information officers and other science communicators working in universities and similar...


Brief Book Review: 日本語を翻訳するということ - 失われるもの、残るもの

牧野成一  (Makino Seiichi): 日本語を翻訳するということ - 失われるもの、残るもの

ISBN 978-4-12-102493-0

Published by 中公新書 (Chuko Shinsho), June 25, 2018

Price: 780 yen plus tax

An intriguing and challenging interrogation of aspects of the Japanese language and translation by Seiichi Makino, Emeritus...


アーカイブより: Points of Correspondence by Kenneth Jones (IJET-4, 1993)

Points of Correspondence

Kenneth Jones

There are some obvious and other less obvious points of correspondence in bilingual dictionaries, and in this paper I would like to consider first one of the less obvious points and later some of the more obvious points of correspondence...


Book Review: The Global English Style Guide

We spend a lot of time talking about client education from the perspective of the translation and post-translation processes (e.g., editing, formatting, design, proofreading). The Global English Style Guide looks at the writing process for technical documentation before any...






Flashback to IJET-2

Panel Discussion on English-Japanese Translation (英日翻訳市場の現状、品質管理、翻訳のためのツール、翻訳の将来)

With just under ten weeks to go before IJET-30 in Cairns, this week we take a look back to IJET-2. The Second International Japanese-English Translation Conference was held in...


From the Archives

Translators and the Editing Tightrope

Dianne Kirk

Translators with a few years’ experience, reasonable writing skills in their native language and perhaps some expertise in a particular subject area are often asked to carry out work which may be variously described as...


From the Archives

The Very First IJET

It’s now just four months before IJET-30 in Cairns kicks off!

We owe an immense debt of gratitude to the 1989/90 JAT Board and band of volunteers for their foresight in organizing the First International Japanese-English Translation Conference, held in...


Book Review: Dreyer’s English: An Utterly Correct Guide to Clarity and Style

Dreyer’s English: An Utterly Correct Guide to Clarity and Style

Benjamin Dreyer

Random House, published January 29, 2019

ISBN-13: 978-0812995701

Hard cover, 320 pages, around USD15 from Amazon

After following Benjamin Dreyer on Twitter for six months or so, I pre-ordered...


From the Archives

Teaching Japanese-to-English Translation

by James L. Davis

In the Technical Japanese Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, we teach Japanese-to-English translation in conjunction with Japanese language instruction. Separating translation skills from language skills...


Brief Book Review: Writing Science in Plain English (Chicago Guides to Writing, Editing, and Publish

Writing Science in Plain English (Chicago Guides to Writing, Editing, and Publishing).

Greene, Anne E.

University of Chicago Press.

ISBN 978-0-226-02637-4 (paper) — ISBN 978-0-226-02640-4 (e-book)


The advice in this concise and inexpensive book is similar to that you’ll...


Brief Book Review:  医薬品開発-承認申請-市販後業務のための知っておきたい英単語・英語表現


Author: 内田たけみ

ISBN: 978-4840746342

Second Edition, published September 2014

Price: 3700 yen plus tax (as of December 2018)

医薬品開発-承認申請-市販後業務のための知っておきたい英単語・英語表現 is now in its second edition. Written by Takemi Uchida, formerly an in-house...



Mere Pebbles Along the Way

Charles De Wolf

It is said that while source texts are eternal, target languages are not, hence the enduring need for new translations of old works. And yet inasmuch as our perceptions too are subject to time’s vicissitudes, so in some sense are the...