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Mushrooms | Nutrition and lifestyle medicine | Food and gastronomy | Travel and tourism | NAATI-certified translations


I have been a freelance J>E translator for 11 years, NAATI-certified for 9 years, and have lived in Japan for 12 years.

Throughout my years as a translator I have worked in a wide range of fields, but now specialise in:

Mushrooms (with particular interest in the cultivation and culinary aspects, and the nutritional properties, health benefits and medical applications)

Food and gastronomy (especially vegan and plant-based)

Nutrition and lifestyle medicine (and their role in preventing and reversing disease)

Travel and tourism

I have worked on all sorts of texts in these fields, including marketing material and websites for food companies, restaurants, accommodation providers, and tour and workshop operators; local tourist guides and online travel magazines; articles for industry journals; menus, cookbooks, and food labels; manuals and instructional videos for mushroom cultivation machinery; sales, agency, and usage contracts for the international mushroom market; and certified translations of personal and company documents.

When I’m not at my desk you can find me reading about or attending a course on nutrition, plant-based cooking, or mushrooms (seriously, I do this for fun!); in the kitchen trying out a new recipe; or off exploring the nearby mountains or a faraway land.