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Computer Technology – Ex. data management systems (PDM/PLM, CSM, ERP, Oracle, ALM, SLM), IoT (Internet of Things), AR/VR, MCAD, medical equipment, printers and scanners, image capturing, game programs, identification and authentication programs, Web applications, network, data storage, Business, Bitcoins/block-chain, Legal: Ex. Web pages, advertisements, brochures, training materials, presentations, analysis/report documents, requirements/specification documents, business proposals, press releases, letters, newsletters Machinery and manufacturing – Ex. semi-conductor parts, bicycle parts, gaming machines Localization of Documentation (Ex. HTML, XML, MS Office documents, FrameMaker, Arbortext/DITA) – translating and editing of the source files, building help systems, performing DTP work, localizing graphics, bug-triaging and fixing codes / link, creating /customizing templates and style sheets Localization of Software – translating resource files (Ex. Java, JavaScript. C, C++, HTML, XML) Translation Memory Creation and Maintenance – TRADOS, CATALYST, Passolo, ForeignDesk, ResBabel, SDL WorldServer and Desktop Workbench QA – testing and fixing UI display and Online help /manuals (Ex. truncation, gibberish characters), links, terminology consistency / integrity, accuracy, grammar, language flow Glossary and Style Guide Creation - creating translation style guide and terminology glossary/database


Localization Specialist/Technical Translator. 20+ years of professional experience in localization and translation industry. Graduated from Nanzan University, Nagoya, Japan, with B.A. in American and British Studies degree, and from Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (MIIS, formerly called Monterey Institute of International Studies) with M.A. in Translation degree. Native Japanese speaker. Credited as an excellent Japanese writer. Living in the US for 20+ years (Green Card holder). JAT Contest for New and Aspiring Translators - Final Round Judge (since 2007)