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・Automotive ・Economic news ・IT/User Interface ・Gaming ・Law ・Marketing


I have been a Japanese freelance translator, and editor. Chinese-Japanese, English-Japanese since October 2017. I am good at translating IT, Game, Automotive, Marketing, and Technology area. Previously, I worked as a research report editor at a marketing research company (Headquarters, Shanghai, China) for 4 years, and at an automobile industry research company (Headquarters, Nagoya City) for 2 years. Experience in translation field Completed translation words as of 27th June, 2023 Chinese – Japanese *Since Oct, 2017 ・Gaming: 939,500 words. ・Automotive technology and Law: 329,940 words. ・Economic news (Auto / Electricity / IT) : 200,000 words. ・Education: 175,000 words. ・IT/User Interface: 86.000 words. ・Politics and Religion news: 80,000 words. ・Contract: 28,700 words. ・Machinery:23,900 words. ・Finance: 27,000 words. ・Medical: 17,000 words. ・Marketing: 9,300 words. ・Tourism: 1,300 words. ・Others: 153,000 words. (・Completed Proofreading: 863,500 words as of 27th June, 2023) English – Japanese *Since Aug, 2019 ・IT/User Interface: 87,000 words. ・Gaming: 37,800 words. ・Law: 28,200 words. ・Marketing: 27,500 words. ・Finance news: 22,200 words. ・Machinery:6,400 words. ・Operations manual:151,188 words.*Post Editing (・Completed Proofreading: 368,000 words as of 27th June, 2023) Japanese – Chinese *Since July, 2022 (・Completed Proofreading: 13,100 words as of 27th June, 2023)