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Med/pharma interpretation and translation: Primarily clinical fields including medical papers, regulatory documents (preclinical and clinical study documentation: protocols, informed consent forms, package inserts, CSRs), PMDA inquiries, analyst reports, internal monthly reports, AE, SAE case reports, and general case reports. Website localization: national university hospital, pharmaceuticals, and medical services websites. Can also provide medical writing (e.g. presentations/papers for professional conferences or submission to medical journals, and associated research). Consecutive Interpretation: Discovery (IP), clinical site audits (GCP), medical/clinical service seminars, hospital visits, telephone interpretations, workshops, interviews, and other settings. Various media-related translations (books, videos, etc.), video narration (US English) including children's literature (J-to-E and E-to-J) with a focus on YA books. 医薬臨床分野の英訳。特に製薬関係の治験を含む前臨床・臨床系申請書類、照会事項、同意書、治験実施計画書、報告書など。医薬誌投稿用医学論文・学会用発表原稿などの英訳・英文執筆。 通訳(逐次)では、知財関係のディスカバリー、臨床委託業者のセミナー、病院通訳、臨床サイトの監査通訳、臨床系ワークショップ、電話通訳など。 各種メディア関係の字幕・吹き替え・ナレーション(以上日英に限る) 児童書翻訳(日英・英日)、YA中心。リーディング(下読み)なども承ります。最短、数時間以内でシノプシス作成が可能です。翻訳のネイティブ・チェック。


Received most of my education (Grades K-10 and post-BS Doctor of Pharmacy graduate school) in the US. As a clinical pharmacist with hospital and pharmaceutical industry (R&D) experience, I can provide translations based on a professional understanding of drugs and healthcare. Also experienced in the media/publishing industry. Also teaches Pharma English to 4th-year Pharmacy students at Kyoto Pharmaceutical University, 1 day/week. Freelance J-to-E medical translator for 25+ years. Freelance literary translator (J<->E) for 10+ years. Graduate-level PharmD (Doctor of Pharmacy) degree from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy with clinical training at teaching hospitals in Boston's Longwood Medical Area. BS Pharm from Kyoto Pharmaceutical University. Licensed pharmacist in Japan. 幼少期よりNew York cityで育ち、英語を母国語とする。 京都薬科大学卒業、薬剤師免許(日本)取得。 米国でマサチューセッツ薬科大学大学院の臨床薬学過程卒業し、臨床薬学博士号、Doctor of Pharmacyの資格取得。病院薬剤師、外資系製薬会社での非臨床・臨床研究経験などを経て、専門分野を熟知した立場から医薬分野での英訳を提供する。