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Advertising/Marketing, Tourism, Journalism, Annual reports/IR, Home electronics, Computers/IT, Social sciences, Humanities (history, religion)


私の翻訳者としての目的は、自然で速やかに高品質な原稿を提供することです。それができるために、1991年より記者・翻訳・研究などの活動で蓄積してきた経験や実績に頼れます。日本駐在の雑誌・新聞・通信会社の記者として、ビジネスや政治から歴史や文化まで日本関係の色々な課題について海外の読者に紹介したし、すると理解していただけるために何が必要あるかよく分かっています。翻訳者としての業績をみると、ビジネスやIRの文書、マーケティングや広告(特に観光関係)、社会科学や人文科学の論文、またはコンピュータや情報通信までも取り扱ったことを知って、それぞれの得意分野で翻訳の実績たくさんあります。そして、記者と研究家として、歴史・政治・経済・現代的な課題などについてどううまく調べるか、まとめるか、発表するか、という能力も高品質の翻訳ができるために常に活用しています。是非、気楽に依頼して、お任せ下さい。 I have worked as a translator, journalist, and editor in a variety of capacities since 1991. As a translator, I have handled materials ranging from an academic work about former Prime Minister Koizumi (Routledge, 2009) to a corporate history for Hitachi; from urban planning documents for various municipalities in the Kansai region to quality control materials for an automobile manufacturer; and from a catalogue of electric lighting products for Matsushita to a manual explaining how to operate vaccuum transfer robots used in manufacturing silicon wafers. Currently, I focus on four areas: (1) marketing and advertising materials, (2) annual reports and press releases, (3) academic writing in the social sciences and humanities, and (4) computers and IT. My translation work is helped enormously by the breadth of my experiences as a journalist. My journalism experience includes four years at a trade magazine covering the amusement machine business, one year at a Japanese newspaper, and two-and-a-half years as a general news reporter for the Associated Press. I have written about everything from video games and stock market crashes to Japanese election campaigns and people who restore old houses. Furthermore, I bring a solid academic background. I edited a political science and international affairs journal for five years, and just to round out the picture am also an "ABD" in modern Japanese history for the University of California, Berkeley. CV available upon request.