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Japanese-to-English translation in the fields of IT, technical documentation, contemporary art, copywriting, and general business, and translation / localization of software, manuals / help, and websites (databases, application development tools, video games, etc.).


Long-term resident of Japan translating/interpreting between Japanese and English since 1991. Specialize in high-quality, native-English translation from Japanese. Also produce good, but non-native-level Japanese translations from English, which should be checked by a native Japanese speaker before being finalized. (Can also translate from German, if required.) Studied languages--German, Russian, Japanese, and Chinese--at the University of California, Santa Barbara, including a year of study abroad in Göttingen, Germany. Received a bachelor’s degree in German in 1987. Passed Level 1 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) in 1991. Worked six years as a software engineer doing software porting, programming, localization, technical software support on Unix and Windows, and translating/interpreting in-house for Japanese software companies in 1990s. Currently working as a translator, editor, systems administrator, in-house software developer, and technical support manager for a Kyoto-based translation company. Also handle occasional freelance projects, including, translating O'Reilly & Associates' "Ruby in a Nutshell."