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Originally specialized in science & technology, but then expanded into business translation, civil engineering, architecture, and contemporary art. Also involved in translation for Japanese brands promoting food, fashion, and other products to international customers through multiple channels, including setting up physical shops outside Japan. Now do more editing than translation, but my own translation work is predominantly quick-turnaround jobs that require familiarity with more than one specialty.


Science & technology background, including 6 years working on machine translation projects in Japan and the UK (Sheffield). Later worked with a tech startup based in Osaka and Silicon Valley, acting as translation consultant and involved in the whole process from project planning, financing, setup, development, and marketing through to the eventual collapse. That experience now provides a much deeper understanding of documents that need translating, and of the reasons why customers want them translated. Currently part of a team of translators focused on the "Japanese to English translation by native speakers" niche. Served as a judge for the JAT Translation Contest from 2004 to 2011.