Professional Information


Translator Interpreter

Source Language

English, Japanese, Norwegian, Swedish

Target Language

English, Japanese, Norwegian, Swedish


technology, patents, law, poetry, aviation, pilot training using simulators, films, literature, tea, culture, religion, history, seismic, 3-D mapping, polar routes, technical training, JAS standards, glu-lam production, classification societies, energy, hydrogen, LNG, ship navigation, power plants, tunnel technology, environmental cooperation, circular economy, "passive & active houses", architecture, road construction, soft-ground problems, fishery and export campaigns, pollution control, media coordination (newspapers, TV), TV-subtitles, ethnic minorities, whale, court interpreter, police, political or business, gender equality, child protection, negotiations, own columns in Japanese, shorter articles in English/Norwegian, open lectures, public speeches, event-maker, Authorized Oslo Guide, etc.


Born and grew up in Wakayama, Japan. Studied abroad in USA for B.A. in North Carolina, Florida and London. Postgraduate degree (M.Phil.) from School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London. Married & moved to Norway. Research, seminars in U.S.A.: Shorter stays at Harvard; Cornell Univ,s. Part-time teaching; lectures at Norwegian universities -- using English and Norwegian. Participated in many congresses and seminars. Authorized Oslo Guide since 1985, Government authorized translator from Norwegian to Japanese since 2003. Participated in many, shorter interpreter seminars abroad in webinars, at LondonMet, York Univ., Grin's etc.). Keywords: Translator, Interpreter, consultant, guide, columnist, subtitles, event-organizer, lectures, writing etc. Have lived in Norway for about 44 years, mainly in Oslo. Interpreter experience since my student days. interpreted mainly in Norway and Europe. Languages frequently used: Japanese, English, Norwegian. Additional & passive languages: Swedish, Danish, Nynorsk. Meetings in Norway tend to be multilingual. Sometimes during business meetings in Norway, an interpreter might have to handle 3 - 4 languages.