Professional Information



Source Language

Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Swedish, Ukrainian, Other

Target Language

Japanese, Korean


Specializes in General Business, Tourism, Fashion, Entertainment, Cosmetics, Ballet, Yoga, Food, Marketing, IT, Medical, Finance, Contracts, Overseas trade, and Subtitles


Polyglot, Multilingual Translator About me I was born in Japan and raised in both Belgium (Brussels and Antwerp) and Switzerland (Zurich, Canton Ticino, and Lausanne). I have lived in France (studied abroad and expatriation), Italy (expatriation), Hungary (studied abroad), Argentina (studied abroad), Hungary (studied abroad), Hong Kong, Taiwan (expatriation), Korea (expatriation), (studied abroad, employment), and Turkey and Egypt (family reasons). Worked in Korea as a Japanese language teacher at PAGODA, a local Japanese language school. I then went to Argentina to study dance. For family reasons, I had to stay primarily in Turkey and Egypt for a time, and I became a freelance translator. I love hot springs, driving, ballet, music, and traveling. I place great importance on doing a thorough research and checking the content of the translation (mistranslations, omissions, etc.) to ensure that the content is reliable. My ironclad rule is to report, communicate, and consult appropriately when unanswered questions arise even after thorough research, and to meet deadlines no matter what.