Professional Information


Translator Interpreter

Source Language

English, German, Japanese

Target Language

English, German, Japanese


Translation: German<>English, Japanese>English/German (business (general), marketing, legal (only E<>G), medical reports, tourism etc.) Interpreting: simultaneous and consecutive Speech-to-Text Interpreting: remote live-subtitling (Speech-to-Text Interpreting) for hearing-impaired people (Swiss German, German and English) Transcriptions in German and English


(Swiss) German native MA in Bilingual Translation German<>English (University of Westminster) Diploma in Conference Interpreting German (A) - English (B) - Spanish/French (C) (Zurich University of Applied Sciences) Certified Speech-to-Text interpreter (German) JLPT N1 TOBIS Test of Business Interpreting Skills English<>Japanese 2級 Finalist of the 2022 JACI E<>J Simultaneous Interpreting Grand Prix Experience teaching translation and sight translation (ESP>GER) at BA level as well as liaison interpretering at Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), experience providing live subtitles for TV programmes (Switzerland) / conferences, parliamentary assemblies, webinars and university lectures (German & English)