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Airline & Travel; Corporate PR; Human Resources; Legal; Education & Training; CSR/IR; Japanese Culture (Tea Ceremony: Urasenke Qualified Chanoyu Instructor, lacquerware (urushi, 漆器, shikki), etc.); Japan Socio-politics; Food & Beverage; Automotive; Transportation; Energy; Construction; Real Estate; Information & Communications; Finance and Insurance; Other industrial, etc.


I began Japanese studies at high school and continued at the University of Adelaide (graduated: 1991. Major: Japanese, minors: Mandarin, Japanese/Chinese/Korean history & politics);
I spent a year in Japan in 1990 working in the service industry.
After graduating, I worked in Japanese inbound tourism, then in management for a travel agency and a multilingual airline contact centre.
1994 Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N1;
1996-1997 Post-graduate Japanese-English Translation Studies (University of Queensland, Australia);
I moved to Japan in 2007, initially working in education.
2010 Translator/Editor - Keio University, Shonan Fujisawa Campus;
2011 Translator/Editor - BCG Tokyo (via Simul Business Communications);
2012 Kanji Proficiency Exam (Kanji Kantei) Level 2 漢字検定2級;
2013 Translator/Editor - Dynaword Inc., Tokyo;
2014 ~ Full-time Freelance Translator (, etc)
I edited "Explaining Tea Ceremony Through English Conversation" 外国人に茶道を伝える英会話例文集 published by Tankosha.