Professional Information



Source Language

English, Japanese

Target Language

English, Japanese


IT, AI Data Training/Tuning, Finance, Investments, Cybersecurity, Search Engine

What I Can Help:

  • Translation of technical documents, company websites, disclosure, financial data, integrated reports
  • AI training (machine translation engine customization, output QA, training data preparation/feedback)
  • Search engine evaluation, annotation, transcription and overall QA
  • Website security assessment/spam analysis (mainly Japanese websites)
  • Contact me for AI training-related research/development jobs and analysis projects that demand a high level of language proficiency, a solid understanding of information technology, and experience in working with MT and other AI technologies. (Limited capacity due to existing contracts.)

      ***Note: Online-based services only. Not available for onsite projects or interpretation jobs.


  • Fully bilingual in Japanese and English [USA] (日本生まれ⇒米国⇒日本の日米バイリンガル)
  • TOEIC初回で990点
  • IPA certified information technology engineer FE/AP (基本情報・応用情報技術者), SG Information Security Management (情報セキュリティマネジメント)
  • Oracle certified Java SE8 Programmer (Silver/Japanese)
  • Financial Planner (FP2級個人資産設計)
    • ***Payment accepted via Paypal or Payoneer in USD or EUR for customers outside Japan.