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Tourism, Art, Wine, Fashion, Parfum, Cosmetic, Gastonomy, Contract , Business, Letter, Luxury products, Manual,etc.... Translations Français, Anglais(English) > Japonais Recent Traductions Français, Anglais(English) > Japonais Web site F > J Web site for the prestige harness brand F > J Web site for the Parisian grand famous cabaret F > J Web site for the abbey in Loire valley F > J Web site for the presentation of the artist painter A > J Web site for the new style equipment for smoking F > J Web site of the presentation for the Parisian fashion office of buying F > J Official web site of Château de Versailles for the domain of queen F > J Official web site of La Tour in Paris F > J Web site for Hotel in MonteeCarlo. F > J Web site of French company for the joint Etc... Presse F > J more than 1 century story of the famous french guidebook F > J presentation of the famous Parisian atelier for the art flower Art Press release for exposition Picasso et les Maîtres in Grand Palais Information Guidefor exposition Service de table in Museum Orsay Press release for exposition for exposition Daniel Buren in Museum Picasso. Presentation for observeur du design Brief for Festival du Film in France Touristique F > J Audio Guide for Cruising of Dordogne F > J Audio Guide for the tower of chateau Vincennes F > J Guide for a chateau in Loire A > J Brochure Guide for Bordeaux and Aquitaine : Tour for wine and heritage F > J Proofreading for Website for Cruising of River Strasbourg F > J Proofreading for Website for appartement in Paris for visiters Menu F > J Parisian restaurant Menu : F > J Parisian restaurant Menu for tourist boat of the Seine (spring& summer, autumn& winter) F > J Retaurant in New Calenonia F > J Parisian restaurant Menu F > J Proofreading for the wine list Wine F > J Brouchure for famous maison of champagne F > J Website for famous Bordeaux Winery F > J Proofreading : Website for famous maison of champagne F > J Proofreading : liste of wine for restaurant parisien Cosmetique F > J Présentation for soin Transmétique F > J Présentation for famous Parfum Contract F > J Contract of employement for French company A > J Contract of employement for French company A > J Purchase and sales for French company F > J Articles of incorporation for French company Manual F > J l’interface of the digital camera A > J UPS SYSTEMS ; manual for echange batteries Software Proofreading for manual Self check in machine command F > J monitor command of the self check in machine for French famous airline company Auto Industry A > J Presentation for the new high class sport car of the famous automobile company in England. A > J Manual for the parts of navigation. A > J Proofreading for manual of a dirt road. Business and diverse F > J Cautionary statement of the liquid of transport by the new controls for French famous airline company F > J Manual of the immigration to France for the employee of the Japanese company F > J Report of the meeting concerning the time schedule of the factory’s operation A > J Guide for the hotels & restaurants in Wien F > J Article of the magazine ‘’LE JOURNAL DU PATISSIER ’’ : concerning ‘the galettes des rois’, ‘the victory of the French team in salon de Sirha , ‘truffe’. A > J Presentation for the producer of olive oil F > J Greeting card F > J Reading Résumé and extract conerning the literature for the junior  ‘’Marie Quatdoigts ’’: quebec literature  ‘’Fisie Ka et le fantôme Eléctron’’ et ‘’Fisie Ka et La Dame Locomotive’’: half literary and half documentary story by female french physicist.  ‘’La fille au pinceau d’or ’’: Spanish story of orphan girl becomes the artist for the imperial in the 17 siecle.  ‘’Les ombres de Ghadamès ’’: story of the adolescent girl lives in the Islamic tradutional society at Ghadamès in Libya in the 19 siecle.  ‘’Quatre soeurs Enid’’ : story of the youngest sister of the four sisters.  ‘’Le livre du temps Ⅰ la pierre sculptée’’ : grand story of the adolescent boy travels over the time for helping out his father. Software Microsoft Office XP (Word, Power Point, Excel),TRADOS 2007 Freelance


Education in Japan 1982 - 1986 : Musashi University. Bachelor of Arts Major French literature Speciality Clézio, Nerval, Malraux, Balzac, et l’history of cinema Education in France October 1991-jun 1992 : French studying course (for the foreign students) AIX-MARSEILLE III University Skill training 2002 – présent : Translation & interpreter at Ecole Primots annex SA Primots based at Tokyo Texts : FIDIC (Fédération Internationale des Ingénieurs-Conseils), technical and legal texts , severals articles of newpaper ‘’Le Monde’’ , etc...