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Arts (including ukiyo-e and Nihonga), craft arts (including ceramics, textiles, and glass), photography, design, finance, annual reports, marketing, advertising, sociology, anthropology. Also copywriting and DTP.


Fulltime professional Japanese-English translator and English-language copywriter since 1981. The work is constantly challenging and requires that I never stop building on the knowledge and skills my academic background (BA, Sociology, Reed College; MA, East Asian Studies, Yale University; Ph.D. curriculum (ABD), East Asian Langauges and Literatures, Yale University) and life experience have brought me--including the statistics and computer programming I did long ago as a sociologist, gardening, learning Amoy Hokkien, serving in our neighborhood association, and cooking. In the past quarter century, I have translated over 100 books and translated or written at least as many annual reports. In the process, I have moved from typewriter (horrible) to an NEC computer running CP/M to one of the first Macintoshes to reach Japan. (I am currently running OS X 10.10 on a Mac Pro.)