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*翻訳歴25+年。 ATA公認英日翻訳者。 Patent Translator of the Year 2008 (恵泉国際特許・法律事務所グループ)。 特許明細書翻訳330件以上。主な分野:特許、コンピュータ、科学技術一般、医療機器、再生可能エネルギー、環境・衛生・安全規制等。 その他:英語教育(NHK「英会話タイムトライアル」コンテンツ・テキスト執筆協力 2014-2019年)、書籍執筆編集、ビジネス、人文、芸術等。 ATA Certified English-to-Japanese Translator; and Keisen Associates Patent Translator of the Year 2008 ••• Earned reputation for consistently high-quality translation/writing, and punctual work submission. ••• Areas of extensive knowledge/experience include (but are not limited to): * Patent specifications (translated over 320 science & technology specifications), IT (communication, data manipulation, storage, security, integrated enterprise resource management, etc.), engineering, semiconductor, physics, biochemistry, genomics, proteomics (PCR, microfluidics, mass spectrometry), pharmaceuticals, medicine (extensive range of medical equipment related to various surgical operations/procedures, prosthetics, radiation therapies, MRI, TMS, patient monitoring, etc.), renewable energy, and Japanese/international Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) regulations; * English education: translating and contributing to the contents of NHK radio program "Eikaiwa Time Trial" (英会話タイムトライアル); * Business: executive development materials, management studies, guidelines on internal affairs for one of the the world's largest petroleum companies, product/corporate/ regional promotional documents; and * Art: Handbook of Collections of Philadelphia Museum of Art, UNICEF Art Calendar, songs sung by Yukiko Ishida, DMA.


名古屋大学理学部物理学科卒業。同大学大学院理学研究科にて宇宙理学修士号取得。 米国翻訳会社にてシニアエディタを経て独立。 フィラデルフィア日本人会にて理事および副会長(1995~2000年)。  米国ボストン地域のバイリンガル教育保護者サポートグループBJSupp (ビージェイサップ) 共同設立者・運営者(2010年~現在)。 M.S. Astrophysics & B.S. Physics, Nagoya University, Japan; Senior editor/project coordinator at a translation agency; Director and VP, Japanese Association of Greater Philadelphia (1995-2000); and Co-founder, BJSupp (Boston Japanese Language Education Support Group for Parents) (2010 – Present).