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ITI certified, ISO 17100:2015 qualified translator, English to Japanese, specialist in law

legal contracts and agreements, business development, technical and pharmaceutical marketing, corporate training, website and product information, communication and correspondence


2005 - Present: Part-time and then full-time (from 2008) freelance translator, residing and working in UK, (US and Japan in the past) with various translation agencies in UK, EU, US and JP

English > Japanese pharmaceutical, marketing and legal translation projects that I have worked on:
• Pharmaceutical marketing research materials on patients with various medical conditions • International luxury fashion e-commerce website’s product information • Italian luxury fashion brand’s official website, product information and internal learning materials • German luxury watches manufacturer’s official website and product information • Various fashion retailers’ official websites and product information • Various corporate training materials on business development, sales and marketing, compliance and human resources • Service agreements, partnership agreements, loan agreements, contracts and other associated documents for various business dealings • Commission agreements, participant releases, terms and conditions, appendices and schedules for various media and entertainment business dealings • Terms and conditions, privacy policy, etc. of various business websites • Code of business conduct, code of ethics, ethical guidelines, anti-bribery guidelines and policies, anti-fraud policies, anti-discrimination policies, anti-slavery policies, etc.