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Mechanics, electronics, computer hardware, software, semiconductors, and business materials.


(English follows Japanese)


1994年から翻訳の仕事をいたしました。アメリカの米国翻訳者協会(American Translators Association, ATA)では翻訳資格認証書を持っています。エレクトロニクス、機械、ビジネスなどのさまざまな分野で書類を訳しました。技術について詳しいし、日本語がよく分かっています。





私は日本語の教科材料を開発し、そうして、その製品をインタネットで販売できるようにBlue Sea Press(ブルー・シー・プレス)会社を開設しました。


I have been translating business and technical documents since 1994, and I am certified by the ATA in the Japanese-to-English direction.

I have completed many translations in the fields of electronics, mechanics, computers, and semiconductors. My understanding of technology is very good, and I have a deep understanding of the Japanese language.

I have a BA in English Writing from University of California-Davis (1985).

Translations include patents, office actions, manuals, specifications, reports, and other business documents.

My electronics background includes two years of translating and performing engineering duties at NEC, a major Japanese electronics company.

I have 30 years of Japanese language experience, with five years of residence in Japan.

I am also a developer of Japanese language learning systems and founder of Blue Sea Press, which provides those systems at the following link.

In addition to my ATA membership, which has been active since 2001, I have been a member of the Japan Association of Translators (JAT) since 1997 and was a board director in 2003.

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