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Benefits of JAT Membership

Time for a lovely JAT hike and picnic in Kamakura!

TAC is experimenting with some new event ideas. Thanks to JAT President, Marian Kinoshita, we are offering an outdoor activity in October.

When: Saturday, October 24, 2015 (Rain date: TBA)
Where: from JR Kita Kamakura Station to JR Kamakura Station along the Kamakura Ten-en Hiking Course
Time: 10AM to about 2PM

Registration is required: Please email tac@jat.org by Saturday, October 10th (JST)
Limited to JAT members and their families (8 years or older)
Fee: There is no fee to participate, but an entrance fee for Kenchoji Temple (300 yen) will be required. You will also need to pay for your own food and transport.


JATPHARMA Kansai Meeting - Pharma in Japan: From Doshomachi to the World

This JATPHARMA Kansai Meeting consists of the following 4 sub-events. 

  1. Tour of Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Historical Museum and round-table discussion at Headquarters of Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation (12:55 to 16:00 on 11/13)
  2. Translation workshop by Rie Moriguchi and Lee Seaman and Felix CAT tool workshop by Ben Tompkins (16:40 to 20:30 on 11/13)
  3. Networking dinner at TGIF's (20:45 to 22:45 on 11/13)
  4. Meeting featuring presentation by Daisuke Yanase followed by networking and a tour of Doshomachi (9:00 to 16:00 on 11/14)

More details coming soon...


Tokyo Bonenkai 2015

The JAT Tokyo 2015 Bonenkai will take place on Saturday, December 5th from 18:00 at Andy's in Yurakucho.
More details coming soon...

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Challenges for English into Japanese Machine Translation (MT)

Challenges for English into Japanese Machine Translation (MT): Can We Embrace MT for Language Teaching?

Takako Aikawa, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Noon Lecture, University of Michigan, February 26, 2016


Takako Aikawa did give us permission to make her powerpoint slides available here. The outline is as follows:

1. A brief introduction of Machine Translation (MT)
Historical background of the development of MT
How does (Statistical) MT work?

2. Challenges for the English -> Japanese (EJ) MT
Open problems for MT in general
Differences between English and Japanese

3. What can we do to improve the quality of MT for EJ translations?
Controlled/Simplified English

4. Can MT be used for teaching Japanese?
Ban, or Embrace MT?


Caroline Pover on “Reaching Readers: From Idea to Market”

Creating and Selling

Getting your book done and getting it published: that was Caroline Pover’s subject when she spoke to JAT’s TIP (translator-initiated publishing) SIG meeting on December 9, 2013.

Pover herself has a solid record of achievement, starting with her 2001 Being A Broad In Japan and continuing thorough her 2009 Guide to International Schools in Japan, her 2010 Ask Caroline, and on to the latest, 2012’s Love with a Western Woman: A Guide for Japanese Men.


Biomedical Translation (Version 2)

The following article was written by Jay Kilpatrick and originally published in the Proceedings of IJET-16 in 2005. Interest in the content of the article was rekindled at the August JATPHARMA meeting, and the author has made some minor corrections and deleted one section before re-publication. 


Bridging the Gap Between Language and Law

By Bryan Lewis

This is a brief review of "Bridging the gap between language and law" by Clara Ho-yan Chan in babel Vol 58 No 2 /2012 that was forwarded to me by Fred Uleman from materials received by JAT. Chan is Assistant Professor in the Department of Chinese, Translation and Linguistics at the City University of Hong Kong.

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Translator Perspectives 2015

Translator Perspectives 2015

PDF version


Twelfth Annual JAT Contest: Source Texts and Guidelines (OCT. 1-31, 2015)

Twelfth Annual JAT Contest (Oct.1-31, 2015): Source Texts and Guidelines


Interview with Jun Yamada, Vice-President, Aizu Electric Power Company (PROJECT Kyoto Sponsor)

As you look at the list of sponsors of PROJECT Kyoto 2015, you may be wondering: how did a power company in Tohoku come to sponsor a translation and interpretation event? We spoke to Jun Yamada, vice-president of Aizu Electric Power Company, to ask him that question. Mr. Yamada also talked about Aizu Electric’s quest for local, sustainable power in the Tohoku region and touched on his former position as president of Qualcomm Japan.


Report on the JAT translation workshop and meeting in Brisbane, September 4, 2015

By Tony Atkinson

On a warm sunny Friday in Brisbane, the events started with attendance by four JAT members and friends at an interpreting forum held in the University of Queensland’s state of the art interpreter-training facility. Dr Libby Flynn gave a presentation on music therapy for counselling bereaved parents, with simultaneous and consecutive interpreting provided by students from the Masters Course in Japanese Interpreting and Translation.


IJET-27 in Sendai, June 18-19, 2016

IJET-27 will be held in Sendai on June 18-19, 2016, at the Sendai International Center. The IJET-27 website will be ready with all the details sometime soon.

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