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Benefits of JAT Membership

Tokyo Bonenkai 2015

It's that bonenkai time of year again, and TAC is having its year end celebration at tried and true favourite, Shin Hinomoto (aka Andy's) in Yurakucho*.
Come and join us for some early winter drinks, food and fun with other translation friends and colleagues. Non-JAT members are welcome.
The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 70, so register early to avoid disappointment!

Date: December 5, 2015 (Sat)
Time: 18:00 to 21:30
*Venue: Andy's (aka Shin Hinomoto)
Tel: 03-3214-8021
Access: Close to JR Yurakucho Station (1 minute walk from Tokyo Metro Hibiya station A2 exit)

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PROJECT Kyoto 2015: 特許法とE->J特許翻訳、平林千春様のスライド

The slides from Ms Hirabayashi's session at PROJECT Kyoto.







Challenges for English into Japanese Machine Translation (MT)

Challenges for English into Japanese Machine Translation (MT): Can We Embrace MT for Language Teaching?

Takako Aikawa, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Noon Lecture, University of Michigan, February 26, 2016


Takako Aikawa did give us permission to make her powerpoint slides available here. The outline is as follows:

1. A brief introduction of Machine Translation (MT)
Historical background of the development of MT
How does (Statistical) MT work?

2. Challenges for the English -> Japanese (EJ) MT
Open problems for MT in general
Differences between English and Japanese

3. What can we do to improve the quality of MT for EJ translations?
Controlled/Simplified English

4. Can MT be used for teaching Japanese?
Ban, or Embrace MT?


Caroline Pover on “Reaching Readers: From Idea to Market”

Creating and Selling

Getting your book done and getting it published: that was Caroline Pover’s subject when she spoke to JAT’s TIP (translator-initiated publishing) SIG meeting on December 9, 2013.

Pover herself has a solid record of achievement, starting with her 2001 Being A Broad In Japan and continuing thorough her 2009 Guide to International Schools in Japan, her 2010 Ask Caroline, and on to the latest, 2012’s Love with a Western Woman: A Guide for Japanese Men.


Biomedical Translation (Version 2)

The following article was written by Jay Kilpatrick and originally published in the Proceedings of IJET-16 in 2005. Interest in the content of the article was rekindled at the August JATPHARMA meeting, and the author has made some minor corrections and deleted one section before re-publication. 

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JAT Hike and Picnic in Kamakura (October 2015)

On October 24, 2015, JAT members got together for a TAC event with a difference: a healthy walk in the hills of Kamakura. It was the chance to get away from the computer screen and get to know each other better while enjoying a little exercise in some exceptionally fine autumn weather. As feedback was positive, TAC plans to arrange another walking event in 2016.


JATENT Survey for AV/entertainment translators

The Japan Association of Translators (JAT) has a special interest group (SIG) for entertainment and audiovisual translators called “JATENT”.

JATENT has not been so active in recent times, but we would like to revive it, and are looking for input on what kind of group people in the field would benefit from, and want to be involved in.

Please spare us a few minutes of your valuable time to respond to this survey and help us create a useful group for entertainment and audiovisual translators!

LINK TO SURVEY: http://goo.gl/forms/kmWV7CGDt8


Inquiries: jatent@jat.org


Terry Gallagher Awarded Japan-United States Friendship Commission Prize

JAT member Terry Gallagher has recently been awarded the Japan-United States Friendship Commission Prize (also known as the Donald Keene Prize)  for his translation of Toh Enjoe's SELF-REFERENCE ENGINE (VIZ Media, 2013).

The awards ceremony and reception  will be held at Columbia University in New York City on Friday December 11th, 2015, and is open to the public. Any JAT members in New York City in early December? Go show your support as Terry receives this wonderful award! 

RSVP by Dec. 1 to reserve your spot! 

To attend the translation prize awards ceremony, email your full name by December 1st.


25th JTF Translation Festival Tokyo 2015

四半世紀の時を超えて、そして次なる未来へ ~ 終わりなき革新で、拡大するマーケットに挑む翻訳産業~

Who: for translators, translation companies, and translation clients

What: JTF Translation Festival (full-day of sessions and networking)

Where: Arcadia Ichigaya (Tokyo) (JR Ichigaya or Tokyo Metro Yurakucho line)

When: November 26, 2015 (Thursday)
          9:30  to 21:00

Why:  To unlock new translation markets with innovative keys...


Contest Winner’s Essay

Essay titled 内容と論点を理解してから翻訳する by Yuki Hashiudo,  first-place winner in the English to Japanese Division, contributed to Translator Perspective 2015. (in Japanese)

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