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Benefits of JAT Membership

JATLAW Networking Hanami

If you would like to network with legal translators, please come join the JATLAW crew under the sakura trees at Seisen University for a casual get together from 1 p.m. on Saturday April 4. We have arranged a spot on the picturesque grounds of the Seisen University campus in Gotanda, but we also have a back-up room reserved in the event of unaccommodating weather.

Registration is required for catering purposes, so please be sure to register before 1 pm April 2 (next Thursday).

4 April 2015: 1 pm
Seisen University

Gardens to the left of the Historical Building (Honkan)
(If it's raining, go to Historical Building, 2nd Floor, Room 020)


Cost: 2,000 yen (JAT Members) / 2,500 yen (non-members)
(Some food and drinks will be provided.)

Register now via Peatix: http://peatix.com/event/80995/


The Great Agency vs. Direct Client Debate

What are the pros and cons of working with agencies versus with direct clients? What is the best mix for your situation, talents, and preferred work style?
This seminar is an opportunity to pick the brains of the four panelists below as well as to learn from the audience’s questions and comments.

Dan Castellano – independent translator working primarily with direct clients
Matt Heaton – translation company founder and CEO, who never did any of the translation himself
Kiyoko Sagane – legal translator increasingly working with agencies
Phil Robertson – translation company co-owner, who initially did much of the translation together with his business partner

The seminar will open with a poll of audience opinions about which is better – agency or direct client? Moderator Helen Iwata will then invite the panelists to introduce themselves and answer some initial questions before opening up to the floor. If you can’t attend, but would like to pose a question, please post it on the JAT Facebook page. Before closing, we will poll the audience again to find out whether opinions have shifted and, if so, why.

By the end of the seminar, you can expect to have a clearer sense of your target clients and how to approach them for more successful business. (The panel will mainly present in English, with questions welcome in either English or Japanese.)

Date: Saturday, April 18, 2015
Time: 14:00-17:00
Doors open: 13.30
Place: Forum 8, Shibuya (http://www.forum-8.co.jp/access/index.html)
Address: Dogenzaka 2-10-7, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0043; Phone: 03-3780-0008
Cost: JAT members 1,000 yen; non-members 3,000 yen (advance registration is NOT necessary)
Koryukai: We’re trialling a new networking event format!
Drinks from 17:00-18:30 (cash bar, NO booking or registration necessary)
Dinner from 18:30-20:30 (3,800 yen for 5 dishes and nomihodai; book and pay through Peatix by 11:59 p.m. on April 15)
Venue: Harumari (http://www.sld-inc.com/harumari_cafebar.html)
Address: Dogenzaka 2-10-3, Shibuya (a few doors up from Forum 8 heading away from Shibuya station)
Tel: 03-6809-0525
Inquiries: tac@jat.org


Announcing TRAC’s first regular meeting for 2015. This time around, Daniel MacLeith will be in town to discuss two issues that impact all translators: data tracking and TMs. 

Part I – The Devil is in the Data
Part II - To TM or Not to TM?

(Please see full ad for more detail)

Presentations will be given in English, but presentation slides and handouts will be in Japanese.

There will be basic refreshments available at the event and a networking dinner afterward. Space is limited, so please RSVP for the event and networking dinner by April 15 at TRAC

As always, non-members and those living outside the Tohoku area are also highly encouraged to come and participate. We look forward to seeing you there!

Date: Saturday, April 18, 2015
Time: 13:30-16:30
Place: Net U (AER Building 6F), Seminar Room No. 1
Capacity: 20
Cost: JAT members 1,500 yen; non-members 2,500 yen
Networking dinner: From 17:00 (Please RSVP by April 15th)


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Challenges for English into Japanese Machine Translation (MT)

Challenges for English into Japanese Machine Translation (MT): Can We Embrace MT for Language Teaching?

Takako Aikawa, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Noon Lecture, University of Michigan, February 26, 2016


Takako Aikawa did give us permission to make her powerpoint slides available here. The outline is as follows:

1. A brief introduction of Machine Translation (MT)
Historical background of the development of MT
How does (Statistical) MT work?

2. Challenges for the English -> Japanese (EJ) MT
Open problems for MT in general
Differences between English and Japanese

3. What can we do to improve the quality of MT for EJ translations?
Controlled/Simplified English

4. Can MT be used for teaching Japanese?
Ban, or Embrace MT?


Caroline Pover on “Reaching Readers: From Idea to Market”

Creating and Selling

Getting your book done and getting it published: that was Caroline Pover’s subject when she spoke to JAT’s TIP (translator-initiated publishing) SIG meeting on December 9, 2013.

Pover herself has a solid record of achievement, starting with her 2001 Being A Broad In Japan and continuing thorough her 2009 Guide to International Schools in Japan, her 2010 Ask Caroline, and on to the latest, 2012’s Love with a Western Woman: A Guide for Japanese Men.


Biomedical Translation (Version 2)

The following article was written by Jay Kilpatrick and originally published in the Proceedings of IJET-16 in 2005. Interest in the content of the article was rekindled at the August JATPHARMA meeting, and the author has made some minor corrections and deleted one section before re-publication. 


Bridging the Gap Between Language and Law

By Bryan Lewis

This is a brief review of "Bridging the gap between language and law" by Clara Ho-yan Chan in babel Vol 58 No 2 /2012 that was forwarded to me by Fred Uleman from materials received by JAT. Chan is Assistant Professor in the Department of Chinese, Translation and Linguistics at the City University of Hong Kong.


What should be included in a checklist for translators?

To find out the answer, I posted this question on the JAT Mailing List.

As usual, JAT members were most obliging in sharing their knowledge. Here is what they told me.

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2015 JAT Election: Announcement of Results

The 2015 JAT election is over and the final results have been verified. Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all candidates and members who voted.

For details, please click [Read more...] below.

2015 JAT Election Committee
Andrew Welford (Chair)
Mayu Kawaguchi
Ben Davis


IJET early bird discount ending very soon

Fond of worms? Like to think of yourself as an early bird? Then make sure you get yourself over to the IJET-26 website and register by 31st March to take advantage of the best rates!

See you in York!

(JAT members can view photos from IJET-25 in members section.)


2015 JAT Election: Voting Announcement

Dear JAT members,

The 2015 JAT Board Election has officially started. Please take the time to vote and choose those who will help run JAT for the next two years.

For details, please click [Read more...] below.


2015 JAT Election Committee
Andrew Welford (Chair)
Mayu Kawaguchi
Ben Davis


Call for Spring 2015 eJuku participants now closed

I am pleased to inform you that the eJuku team has received many
more applications than expected for the Spring 2015 J>E eJuku session.
I wish to inform everyone that the Call is now closed.

All the applicants will be notified of their screening results individually
by private email in due course.

Shuichi Yamakawa
Spring 2015 J>E eJuku session Checker & Coordinator


Board Election: Announcement of Candidates

Dear JAT members,

The 2015 JAT Election Committee is pleased to announce candidates.

For details, please click [Read more...] below.

2015 JAT Election Committee
Andrew Welford (Chair)
Mayu Kawaguchi
Ben Davis

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