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Benefits of JAT Membership

Tokyo Summer Party 2014

The JAT Tokyo Summer Party will be at the very popular Akita Kawabata Isariya Sakaba in Shinbashi again this year.

It specializes in produce from Akita Prefecture, and offers a unique atmosphere, great food and a choice of beer, shochu, wine, umeshu and various types of nihonshu, as well as non-alcoholic drinks.

Join us for a fun evening trying to beat the summer heat. JAT members and non-members are welcome, so invite your friends!

Date: Aug 30, 2014 (Sat)
Time: 18:00 to 22:00
Cost: 5,500 yen (set course with 3-hour nomihodai, last drink orders 21:00)
Venue: Akita Kawabata Isariya Sakaba


Diaries of a Bakumatsu Globe Trotter

In late 1866 Nakai Hiromu, a Satsuma samurai from the castle town of Kagoshima, set off on a long sea journey to Britain. This lecture will examine the challenges of translating Nakai Hiromu’s travel diary, which he originally published privately in 1868, and discuss the difficulties faced during what became a long process of detective-like work to discover the meanings of unfamiliar, old Japanese text.


TAC October Meeting - Eric Selland - The Story Behind “The Guest Cat”, a Translation Bestseller

When Eric Selland was asked by an American publisher to translate a novel by Takashi Hiraide, he said“yes”because Hiraide was an old friend. And besides, everyone assured Eric that it would be a cinch translating this light-hearted novel after having worked with Hiraide’s difficult prose poetry since Eric first met him over thirty years ago. As with many (or possibly most) translation projects, Eric’s assumptions proved wrong. Not only was it not so easy, but it also turned into a much bigger deal than expected.
(This presentation will be in English)

Speaker: Eric Selland
Date: October 18, 2014
Time: 14:00-17:00
Doors open: 13:30
Venue: Forum 8, Shibuya (http://www.forum-8.co.jp/access/index.html)
Address: Dogenzaka 2-10-7, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0043
Tel: 03-3780-0008
Cost: JAT members 1,000 yen; non-members 3,000 yen (advance registration is not necessary)
*Please note TAC fee structure as of April
(Details: http://jat.org/news/show/change_in_tac_seminar_attendance_fees/)
Koryukai: From 17:15 (advance registration is not necessary)
Venue: B.Y.G http://www.byg.co.jp/access/index_access.html
Address: Dogenzaka 2-19-14, Shibuya
Tel: 03-3461-8574
Cost: 2,000 yen (food only/cash bar)
Inquiries: tac@jat.org


TAC September Meeting – Lisa Hew – From Sole Proprietor to Incorporation

*Please note the venue is NYC in Yoyogi, NOT the usual Forum 8. Details below.

Are you thinking of becoming a freelancer? Wondering about incorporation? Interested in homeownership? In the hope that others can avoid the mistakes the presenter made, the presentation will introduce practical information about the steps required to begin a freelance career and to incorporate. It will also outline the respective processes to renew a work visa and to obtain permanent resident status. In addition, the presenter will detail her experience in becoming a home owner. From the nitty gritty red tape to the timing related to each of the above procedures, as well as their relevant challenges, the presenter intends to provide a few pointers about how to satisfy the requirements of Japanese institutions, including the immigration office and banks; and hopes others will be able to avoid the sometimes awkward and often embarrassing situations the presenter encountered.
(This presentation will be in English)

Speaker: Lisa Hew (Japanese to English legal translator)
Date: September 20, 2014
Time: 14:00-17:00
Doors open: 13:30
Venue: National Olympics Memorial Youth Center (NYC) http://nyc.niye.go.jp/e/index.html


The 2nd JATINT Meeting

The 2nd JATINT Meeting
Theme: What is Simultaneous Interpreting?

Speaker: Prof. Noriko Saneyoshi, Emeritus Professor, Seisen University
Date & Time:14:00-17:00, July 26, 2014 (Sat.)
Venue:CALL Room, No.4 Building, International Center, Seisen University 
3-16-21 Higashi Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 141-8642, Japan

Admission fee: JATINT only: JAT Member 1000 yen Non-JAT Member: 3000 yen Student: 1000 yen

Dead line: At 11:00 pm, July 22, 2014 (Tue) 
Full member: 15 (If there is vacant seats, only cash payment is available.)
Get Together: From 17:40, we will hold a get together at the casual restaurant near the University. Estimated fee: 2000 yen 

More Events…

Caroline Pover on “Reaching Readers: From Idea to Market”

Creating and Selling

Getting your book done and getting it published: that was Caroline Pover’s subject when she spoke to JAT’s TIP (translator-initiated publishing) SIG meeting on December 9, 2013.

Pover herself has a solid record of achievement, starting with her 2001 Being A Broad In Japan and continuing thorough her 2009 Guide to International Schools in Japan, her 2010 Ask Caroline, and on to the latest, 2012’s Love with a Western Woman: A Guide for Japanese Men.


Biomedical Translation (Version 2)

The following article was written by Jay Kilpatrick and originally published in the Proceedings of IJET-16 in 2005. Interest in the content of the article was rekindled at the August JATPHARMA meeting, and the author has made some minor corrections and deleted one section before re-publication. 


Bridging the Gap Between Language and Law

By Bryan Lewis

This is a brief review of "Bridging the gap between language and law" by Clara Ho-yan Chan in babel Vol 58 No 2 /2012 that was forwarded to me by Fred Uleman from materials received by JAT. Chan is Assistant Professor in the Department of Chinese, Translation and Linguistics at the City University of Hong Kong.


What should be included in a checklist for translators?

To find out the answer, I posted this question on the JAT Mailing List.

As usual, JAT members were most obliging in sharing their knowledge. Here is what they told me.


Is That a Fish in Your Ear?: Translation and the Meaning of Everything,  by David Bellos

Book Review by Ann Hill

More Articles…

The third annual *Translator Perspectives* anthology

This year, we will issue the third annual *Translator Perspectives*anthology of insights and other wisdom from JAT members. We hope you will contribute. Among the many possible topics are: insights into the translation process, hints for clients wanting to get the best translation service, reminders to translation readers, comments on translation as a business, reflections on the year just past, and speculation on how the profession will evolve. (Note: in all of this, "translation" is assumed to include "interpretation.") Your essay does not need to be long -- and should be no longer than 1,200 words or 2,100 characters -- but it must be received by July 23, 2014, at latest. Please feel free to write in either Japanese or English. Participation is limited to JAT members, and all JAT members will get a complimentary copy, as will leading universities, translation-related companies, libraries, and more. An electronic version will also be published. Questions and, even better, essays should please be addressed to: anthology@jat.org (Last year’s anthology (Translator Perspectives 2013) can be downloaded from the following link: http://jat.org/news/show/translator_perspectives_2013)


2014 OGM Announcement

Documents Available for Ordinary General Meeting on June 22, 2014

To: All Members of the Japan Association of Translators (JAT)

I would like to invite all JAT members to the 2014 Ordinary General Meeting to be held on June 22 at Tokyo Big Sight, following the last session of IJET (17:30-18:15, Room 608).


Tokyo Activities Committee (TAC)

TAC Needs You!
The Tokyo Activities Committee (TAC) is looking for volunteers to help with
our activities throughout the year.

Victoria Oyama
Chair, Tokyo Activities Committee


JAT Volunteer Mailing List

Have you ever wanted to help JAT but didn't because you didn't know who to ask or had only a small amount of time to volunteer?

Now is your chance to contribute. Subscribe to the new JAT Volunteer Mailing List to receive requests for help with important one-time duties from JAT's committees. Volunteer duties include help with event registration, translating announcements, and collating questionnaires. To subscribe, go to List/Event Announcement Signup page  and select "subscribe" under "5. Volunteer Needs Mailing List." You must be a JAT member and be logged in to use this form.


2014 JAT Election Results

The 2014 JAT election is over and the Election Committee is delighted to announce the results.

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