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Benefits of JAT Membership

Deposition Interpreting

JATINT will hold the 4th meeting in FY2014 on Deposition Interpreting as follows:

【Theme】         Deposition Interpreting

【Date&Time】 14:00 - 17:00, March 7, 2015 (Sat.)

【Venue】Room No.122, the 2nd Floor, Building No.1, Seisen University

3-16-21 Higashi Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 141-8642, Japan

     Akiko Endo, Director, Endo Consulting & Resource Services, JAT Director

Extensive experience as a court interpreter both in district and federal Courts on the East Coast of the US and as a deposition interpreter. Deposition experience includes: lawsuits arising from corporate merger/acquisition (plaintiffs, defendants, witnesses, and expert witnesses); personal injuries and workman’s compensation; patent disputes (plaintiffs and expert witnesses); divorces; inheritance disputes; ownership disputes; sexual harassment; and employment disputes. 

【To register】 Here


DIY Marketing

This workshop introduces translators and interpreters to how to craft two essential pieces of their own differentiating marketing communication.
With its set of practical guidelines it will help you to clearly differentiate yourself and your offering from the competition.

If you struggle to answer the following questions with confidence you may not have a very strong Unique Selling Proposition (USP) or Value Proposition right now.

  • Why is a USP or Value Proposition important for a translator or interpreter?
  • How different is what you do from your competition?
  • Do your clients know what is special about you and why they should hire you?
  • Do you know what value you provide to your customers?

In this practical seminar we will look at the concepts of the USP and Value Proposition and how they can best be applied to help you sell your services successfully. Together we will work hands-on through a sequence of short and fun exercises aimed at helping you to identify and develop your own USP and Value Proposition – whether you work independently or as the owner or an employee of a company.

Date: Saturday, March 14, 2015
Time: 14:00-17:00
Doors open: 13.30
Place: Forum 8, Shibuya (http://www.forum-8.co.jp/access/index.html)
Address: Dogenzaka 2-10-7, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0043; Phone: 03-3780-0008
Cost: JAT members 1,000 yen; non-members 3,000 yen (advance registration is NOT necessary)
Koryukai: From 17:15 (advance registration is NOT necessary, register and pay at seminar reception)
 Venue: B.Y.G http://www.byg.co.jp/access/index_access.html
Address: Dogenzaka 2-19-14, Shibuya
Tel: 03-3461-8574
Cost: 2,000 yen (food only/cash bar)
Inquiries: tac@jat.org


Statistics show that last year the number of crimes committed by visiting foreigners increased for the first time in many years. This trend is expected to continue in the near future, and present measures for the prevention of crimes by foreigners are facing new difficulties. There are cases where the quality and ability of the interpreter, vital to cases with foreign suspects, have been called into question. This talk will discuss these issues and offer possible solutions.

Speaker: Makoto Shimizu, Kansai Judicial Interpreters Training Institute

Date: Sunday 15th March 2015

Time: 2:30–4:30 p.m. (followed by networking dinner nearby)

Fee: 1,000 yen for JAT members, 1,500 for non-members

Venue: Hyogoken Shigaku Kaikan, 3 minutes north of JR/Hanshin Motomachi Sta., 7-minute walk from Hankyu Sannomiya Sta.


April 18: TAC Tokyo seminar: Matt Heaton. Details to follow. (2-5pm)


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Caroline Pover on “Reaching Readers: From Idea to Market”

Creating and Selling

Getting your book done and getting it published: that was Caroline Pover’s subject when she spoke to JAT’s TIP (translator-initiated publishing) SIG meeting on December 9, 2013.

Pover herself has a solid record of achievement, starting with her 2001 Being A Broad In Japan and continuing thorough her 2009 Guide to International Schools in Japan, her 2010 Ask Caroline, and on to the latest, 2012’s Love with a Western Woman: A Guide for Japanese Men.


Biomedical Translation (Version 2)

The following article was written by Jay Kilpatrick and originally published in the Proceedings of IJET-16 in 2005. Interest in the content of the article was rekindled at the August JATPHARMA meeting, and the author has made some minor corrections and deleted one section before re-publication. 


Bridging the Gap Between Language and Law

By Bryan Lewis

This is a brief review of "Bridging the gap between language and law" by Clara Ho-yan Chan in babel Vol 58 No 2 /2012 that was forwarded to me by Fred Uleman from materials received by JAT. Chan is Assistant Professor in the Department of Chinese, Translation and Linguistics at the City University of Hong Kong.


What should be included in a checklist for translators?

To find out the answer, I posted this question on the JAT Mailing List.

As usual, JAT members were most obliging in sharing their knowledge. Here is what they told me.


Is That a Fish in Your Ear?: Translation and the Meaning of Everything,  by David Bellos

Book Review by Ann Hill

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Call for candidates for 2015 JAT election

Fellow JAT members,

When the clock strikes midnight tonight in Japan (00:00:01 JST on February 26) we begin accepting candidacy registrations.

For details, please click [Read more...] below.

The Election Committee looks forward to receiving many registrations and to a hotly contested election.

2015 JAT Election Committee
Andrew Welford (Chair)
Mayu Kawaguchi
Ben Davis


Announcement of 2015 JAT Election

Fellow JAT members,

The 2015 JAT election is drawing near.

As a volunteer organization, JAT depends on its members to keep it
moving forward. By becoming a Board member you can use your skills to
improve JAT, give something back to the community, and possibly even
have an impact on the translation industry. By voting in the election,
you get to choose the people you want to look after your interests and
propel JAT into the next stage of its evolution.

For details, please click [Read more...] below.



2015 JAT Election Committee

Andrew Welford (Chair)

Mayu Kawaguchi

Ben Davis


Announcing the Spring 2015 J>E eJuku session

I am pleased to inform you that a new eJuku session will soon be held as follows with the full support of the JAT Board.

- eJuku title: Spring 2015 J>E eJuku session
- Language direction: Japanese to English
- Format: on-line forum discussion and videoconferencing
- Period: March and April, 2015
- Fee: free of charge
- Eligibility:
     1. JAT membership (non-members required to join JAT 
        after being selected as eJuku participants),  
     2. Native (or near-native) English proficiency and
     3. Generally less than three years of experience 
        as a professional translator.


Eleventh Annual JAT Contest Winners

The winners of the Eleventh Annual JAT Contest for New and Aspiring Japanese<>English Translators have been selected as follows:

Japanese to English Contest
    1st place: E49 Cheriel Neo (Edinburgh,UK)   
    2nd place: E3  Julia Clark(San Francisco/CA, USA)
    Finalists: E4 Michael Haley (Antrim/NH, USA),  E28 Lisa Koga (Koto, Tokyo),  E48 Anna Wada (Atami, Shizuoka)

English to Japanese Contest
   1st place:   J54 Yuki Hashiudo (North Vancouver, Canada)
   2nd place:  J56  Masumi Shirahata (Musashino, Tokyo)
   Finalists:  J11 Makiko Watanabe(Tsu, Mie) , J21 Takeshi Nagasawa (Barcelona, Spain), J25 Misako Morisawa (Katsushika, Tokyo)

The judges' commentaries will be placed here in early March.

JAT will pay (continue)...


Eleventh Annual JAT Contest: Translation of Award Winners and Finalists

Translation of award-winners and finalists (Japanese-to-English Contest)

Their names will be announced soon.

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