We asked the current Board to share a few words on their experience as directors. We hope it will help you in deciding to run for the board. If you have any further questions, feel free to get in touch with any of the directors.


by Heidi Karino (President, Membership Director) [email protected]

The Membership director is the first point of contact for JAT members. The role has changed over the years as more admin tasks are automated, freeing up time to focus on activities to help JAT members feel part of the community. This includes updating the Welcome Pack, moderating the Forum, and planning events which are outside the realm of SIGs and RACs.

Membership Director is a role with a lot of flexibility. You can stick to the basics, or open it up to include policies for strengthening the community and attracting new members. It’s also supported by the Membership team, a collection of experienced volunteers, which makes it a great place to start for people who have never volunteered at JAT before.


by Rie Sakaguchi (Treasurer, Membership) [email protected]



by Allyson Sigman (IJET, PROJECT) [email protected]

IJET is a staple event in the Japanese translation community. We have been holding this annual conference for 30+ years. As the Event director on the board, you are not the one running the event. You will work in between the organizing committee and the board to make sure the event is successful, the rules are being followed, and that all necessary approvals are made. However, you also get to help carry over legacy knowledge from one team to the next. While much of this has been documented, the director gets to see it play out in real time and prompt the committees to consider better ways to run the event.

Special Interest Groups & Regional Activities Committees

by Yumeko Futaki (SIG, Legal, Secretary) [email protected]

& Shoji Miyata (RAC, Treasurer) [email protected]




Website Development

by Phil Robertson (Website, Tech, PR) [email protected]

I am presently on my third stint as a JAT Director and my current responsibilities are website development (lead) and PR (assistant). On previous boards I served as IJET and PROJECT Liaison, and as PR Director. In the past, I have helped JAT to stage several successful major conferences in Japan, the USA and Australia, and to establish a reputation as a respected body within the J<>E translation industry.

My current assignments are still very much works in progress, but I believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

The seismic changes that the language services industry in general is currently undergoing make directing JAT a challenging proposition. However, the need for professional associations like JAT is now more acute than ever, so I believe that it is vital that would-be JAT Directors step up and help to provide support and education to JAT members.

Public Relations - Communications

Yukari Watanabe (PR, Anthology) [email protected]



Public Relations - Outreach

by Sakigake Kamimura (Vice President, PR) [email protected]


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