Dear JATPHARMAcists and other JAT members:

JATPHARMA proudly announces the release of the updated and expanded version of the JAT Pharma Handbook bilingual glossary, which JATPHARMA initially released with the JAT Pharma Handbook in 2011.

The glossary represents the first of hopefully many glossaries to be released under the JATPHARMA Terminology Project, which is headed by John Stroman. The glossary contains most of the terms in the JAT Pharma Handbook. Some of the terms have been updated, and many more terms have been added. Refer to the readme file for more information.

The glossary is available for download at (You must be logged in to download the file.) The JAT Pharma Handbook is available for download at As a JAT member, you are welcome to use the glossary (and Handbook) as you see fit provided you do not publish or otherwise distribute it in part or in whole. If any of your non-JAT-member translator buddies gets jealous and asks you for a copy, please encourage them to join JAT.

JATPHARMA thanks John Stroman and all the other volunteers on the JATPHARMA Terminology Project who made the glossary possible.


JATPHARMA Steering Committee