Sep 14, 2020
3:00 am - 4:00 am
Online (Event date/time in JST)

Registration Closed: Invitation email will be sent on September 10th.

“How Do I Get into Video Game Localization?” All Routes Lead to Games

Busting the myths behind video game localization while providing solid advice for those curious on how to get started!

There are many misconceptions about what “game localization” is and how one can enter the industry: “Game localization is just liberal translation” “You need a master’s degree to work in translation” “You have to work in-house” etc. Nope, nah, nuh-uh!

This talk will cover the many facets of working on video games for an international audience, the skills needed to succeed, as well as how one might get their foot in the door.

It will draw on real life examples of how a wide variety of people ended up working in game localization. Showing that all routes really can lead to games!

This talk is for anyone and everyone. From those seriously interested in a career in game localization to anyone just curious about what this strange industry is.

Jennifer O'Donnell

Localization Director. Jennifer is a video game Localization Director. After she graduated from SOAS (London) in 2015 with an MA in Theory and Practice of Translation she focused her efforts on improving her translation skills working mostly on Japanese media (manga, anime, and video games), as well as websites, tourism, and advertising. Since then she has continued to study translation and localization, is an avid reader, and an active member of the entertainment SIG community.

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