November 23, 2016
9:45 am - 4:45 pm
Osaka Urban Industry Promotion Center - 大阪市中央区本町1-4-5

On Wednesday, November 23 (Japan’s Labor Day), we’ll hold a seminar during the Shino Festival celebrating the Sukunahikona Shrine dedicated to Shino-san, the Chinese God of Medicine and Sukunahikona, the Japanese God of medicine and healing. Located at the eastern entrance of Doshomachi, a street in Osaka that represents everything Pharma in Japan, this area stems back to the early 1600’s, when the first crude drugs wholesaler set up shop there. During the Shino Festival, Doshomachi comes to life with bright-yellow paper-mache tigers. This symbol became associated with Shino-san in 1822 during an outbreak of cholera, aka “Mikka korori” a wordplay on cholera = korori = goner, which roughly translates to “Goner in 3 days.” A formulation made of tiger bones was blessed at the Shino shrine and given to the people of Osaka whereupon the cholera epidemic was finally controlled.

We will again aim for hands-on activities.

Venue: Osaka Urban Industry Promotion Center (AKA Sansokan, located a few blocks south of Doshomachi)

Time: 9:45 -16:45

Session 1: Rie Moriguchi and Sako Ikegami will lead a session on translating medical videos for a general audience.

Session 2: Yasunobu Ishihara [Corporate Strategy Division, Global Development Office, Shionogi Co., Ltd.] on Medical Writing

Session 3: Koki Yamashita [Maxwell International, Inc.] on clinical study designs and CONSORT

There will be a reception after the seminar and we plan on a trip to Doshomachi during the lunch break. Program details to follow.

Questions or dietary restrictions? Please contact

International Medical Translation Service, Inc. (アイエム翻訳サービス株式会社) will also be holding their 2nd Medical Writing Seminar on Nov. 24th, the following day, in Osaka.