Mar 21, 2021
All day
Online (USA)

MAC English to Japanese Translation Clinic

Midwest Activities Committee (MAC) is inviting you to its first translation clinic!
In this translation clinic, you will have an opportunity to translate without any pressure and receive feedbacks from experienced translators.

Schedule (US Time)

Registration deadline: February 1, 2021 (21:00 EST)
Translation Submission: By February 14, 2021
Virtual Meeting (Zoom): March 21, 2021, From 9:30AM EST (The time may be subject to change.)

The date and time for the virtual meeting has changed to better accomodate live participants from Japan.
The new dates and times are as follows.

March 20 (Sat) 7:00-8:30pm in EST
March 21 (Sun) 8:00-9:30am in JST

Recording of the Zoom meeting will be available.

Registration Fee

JAT Member: $30 (login to register), Non-JAT Member: $60


Participants will translate a short passage (~250 source words, general topic) and submit the translation in advance.
Our instructors will review your translation.
We will have a virtually meeting to discuss the feedbacks, different way to approach the texts, tips, etc. There will be a Q&A session as well.

Participants are required to submit the translation in advance. Your commitment is the key to your success in this clinic. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. We are all here to learn from each other!

Participation is limited. Be sure to register soon to secure your spot!

Contact [email protected] for any question.


Miyako Okamoto

Miyako Okamoto is the owner of MAO Japanese Communications, LLC. An ATA-certified English>Japanese translator, she offers both translation and interpreting services, specializing in the fields of automotive industry and business. In addition to ATA, she is a member of the Michigan Translators/Interpreters Network. She has an AS in pre-international commerce, a BA in business and information systems, and an MBA in global management.

Shinil Cho

Born in Tokyo and came to the US in 1979. Received BS (physics) from Rikkyo University, MS (statistical physics) from Seoul National University, and Ph.D. (cryogenic magnetic resonance) from the Ohio State University. Started his translation career in 1990 as an independent translator while teaching physics. An ATA accredited translator (English into Japanese). Currently, President of Sci Tran, and also serves as Professor of Department of Mathematics and Physics, La Roche University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.