July 15, 2017
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Seisen University, Room#231 (Building No.2, Third Floor)

Title: 3 Ways Translators, Checkers, and Writers can Customize Word

Speaker:  Junya Nitta


“This is what I wanted to know!”, “I want to go home and change Word’s settings right now!”, “I now know how to make small adjustments to make Word more efficient!”. These are some of the comments received after Junya spoke at TAC in 2013. So what did you actually do after that seminar? Did you change your settings? Dare it be possible that, four years on you have yet to put what you learned into practice?

Junya will once again focus his seminar on ways to customize Word and provide tips on optimizing your PC settings. By making minor changes to your settings you can make Word work better for you and improve your efficiency. Some of the tips and tricks he will introduce include:

・Navigating some of Word’s more irritating features

・Assigning functions to shortcut keys

・Registering frequently used functions on the Quick Access Toolbar

・Making frequently used files and folders easier to access

Junya will also demonstrate how recreate (save and export) settings, such as the Quick Access Toolbar and IME entries, on another computer to facilitate the transition when you buy a new computer.

If you missed the last seminar, want a refresher, or want the answer questions you could not find on the internet, this seminar is for you! Don't miss this valuable opportunity to get inside tips on using Word efficiently.

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Speaker Profile:

Junya Nitta is an MS Word add-in developer, translator and seminar instructor who went independent after working at an engineering firm and patent law office. He consults for clients such as translation companies, corporations, patent law offices, and individual translators on setting up Word and using Word macros to automate work. He has published over 1,000 entries on his blog relating to Word macros and tips for using Word, all aimed at making life easier for translators. Since 2011, Junya has been named a Microsoft MVP for Word each year by Microsoft. His signature application is a translation-checking software that works in Word, called Iro de Check. He has also developed a tool for searching google from Word, called Right Click to Google!

You can find his blog at


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