May 19, 2019
6:00 am - 9:00 am
T's Shibuya Flag Conference Center Room 8C, 33-6, Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo



Steven Mayeda and Naotaka Midori of Tokyo Zeikei Tax Services

Presentation Outline:

Part 1: Tax Returns Made Easy

Part 2: Tax Saving Strategies

Whether you are living in your home country or abroad, the idea of filing taxes is enough to cause a headache. On top of that, freelancing or running your own translation business makes the process even more tedious. However, with a little preparation and the pertinent knowledge, you can reduce the stress of filing your Japanese taxes, and even come up with strategies to reduce your tax burden.

Tokyo Zeikei Center helps numerous sole proprietors file their Japanese taxes every year. In our presentation, we will break down the basics of filing your tax return, where and how you can get help, and perhaps most importantly, how to reduce the taxes you are obligated to pay. We will go in depth regarding the kinds of expenses translators can apply, and we will explore the many (often unused) deductions that you can use (legally!) to your advantage. Finally, we will discuss tax savings strategies such as the blue-filer deduction and company establishment.

We will also devote time to answer any questions you may have regarding your tax situation. We hope to see you there! This presentation will be held mostly in English with Japanese summaries of each section. The Q&A will be held in both languages.

Speaker Profiles:

Steven Mayeda

Steven is a Financial Consultant at Tokyo Zeikei Center. He came to Japan in 2013 on the JET Programme after studying economics and mathematics in the US. While he has diligently filed his US tax returns every year since 2003, he has worked on and filed more Japanese tax returns than he can count. He also filed his 2018 tax return with freelance translation income.

Naotaka Midori

Naotaka is a Financial Consultant at Tokyo Zeikei Center. He has worked at 2 different accounting firms, and he joined TZC in 2016. At his previous firm, he worked mostly with sole proprietors, helping them save taxes and prepare their income tax returns. At TZC he is mainly in charge of startup companies for both domestic and international clients. Whether the client needs tax consulting, human resources consulting, help obtaining a bank loan, or has other financial needs, he has experience finding the solution for many different situations.


Venue: Irish Pub Celts Shibuya Center-gai