Sep 13, 2020
9:00 am - 10:00 am
Online (Event date/time in JST)

Registration Closed: Invitation email will be sent on September 10th.

In this presentation, Mr Koichi Kikuchi will discuss the latest developments in telecommunications and strategies for accessing relevant technical information, offer advice on translation in this field from his perspective as a patent attorney buying translation services, and give guidance on how to make your translations stand out from the crowd.

Good patent translation is not only about linguistic skills and legal knowledge; it also calls for an understanding of technology. Catch the latest technological trends and hone your translation skills at this seminar. This seminar will be highly informative for translators with or without experience in the patent field and also for patent practitioners involved in translation.

Koichi Kikuchi
Koichi is a patent attorney and President of DEN IP Solutions Co., Ltd, a firm providing patent attorney and translation services in support of Japanese and international patent application filing. His experience includes checking more than 1,500 translated specifications and evaluating trial translations from more than 300 translators.

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