January 20, 2018
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Seisen University, Room#210 (Building No.2, Ground Floor)

Title: Theme for IJET-29 "Rethinking the role of human linguists – 言葉に命を吹き込む" and Patent Translation - My view on text interpretation in patent translation -

Speaker:  Shinya Futagami


The theme of IJET-29 is "Rethinking the role of human linguists – 言葉に命を吹き込む."

At the conference we hope to not only discuss our role amid globalization and the rapid advance of language-related technologies such as machine translation, but also how we can bring life to translation and interpreting.

Bring life to translation and interpreting has been the ultimate goal for linguists for years. Not tens or hundreds years. Literally thousands years. The goal will never be changed either for machine or human translation. The advance of language-related technologies is changing the environment of translation and interpreting. The use of them has been a part of our role for efficiency or accuracy.

But I think there are some other aspects in the role of human linguists. Besides the text information from the source text, we can understand the situation and intention of the source text. We can take the additional information into consideration to bring about the aim of the source text accurately or even in a better shape.

Taking patent translation as an example, what the translator can read from the specification is very important for the examination and the scope of the patent right as the result of it. Our interpretation may change the outcomes.

Hopefully, IJET-29 will be an opportunity for discussing the role of linguists.

This time TAC gives me a chance to speak at a seminar as a promotion for IJET-29 Osaka, I would like to talk about my personal opinion on the role of translators in patent translation. Please note that different patent attorney offices, corporate IP departments, and translation agencies have different principles. Please consider my opinion as just a reference. The content of the seminar will be partially identical with the one in pre-IJET this year.

Speaker Profile:

Shinya worked at a patent attorney office as a translator for about 15 years, and then became a freelancer. He is the chair of the organizing committee of IJET-29 Osaka, or more like the proposer of holding the next IJET in Osaka. He is so glad to have it in Osaka coincidently at the 180th anniversary of Tekijuku and 1300th anniversary of the pilgrimage of Saigoku 33 temples.

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